Sharpe's Tiger Character Descriptions

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Richard Sharpe

This character is a young private in the British army and is stationed in India.

Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswill

This character is one of Sharpe's primary antagonists and his immediate commander.

Lieutenant William Lawford

This character accompanies Sharpe on the mission to free McCandless.

Tippoo Sultan

He is the king of Mysore and another of Sharpe's antagonists.

Mary Bickerstaff

This character is Sharpe's lover in the first part of the story.

Colonel Jean Gudin

He is a French officer and military adviser to Tippoo.

Colonel Hector McCandless

He learns about Tippoo's massive black-powder mine during a meeting with General Appah Rao and is later captured by Tippoo's cavalry.

General Appah Rao

This character works against Tippoo even though he is supposed to be one of his generals.

Kunwar Singh

He marries Mary and accompanies her to the dungeon where Sharpe, Lawford, McCandless, and Hakeswill are imprisoned.

Sergeant Green

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