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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are the lancers unable to get by the horses?
(a) The horses are in a panic.
(b) The lancers have been cut off from their lances to resupply.
(c) The lancers are being beset from three sides.
(d) The horses have refused to move forward.

2. What does Sharpe admit to Teresa?
(a) That he still has faith in his intuition that the French are out there.
(b) That he may have overreacted.
(c) That he had an affair while she was gone.
(d) That he loved her from the first time he saw her.

3. For what does Sharpe know he will be blamed?
(a) The loss of the muskets.
(b) The capture of Major Tubbs.
(c) The loss of so many men.
(d) The disruption to the British supply lines.

4. Why does Sharpe order his men to retreat?
(a) He orders them to attack, not retreat.
(b) So they do not get slaughtered.
(c) So he can plan.
(d) So they can draw the French into an ambush.

5. Where may Teresa go if the French do not arrive?
(a) Paris.
(b) Avila.
(c) Madrid.
(d) Salamanca.

6. Why does Coignet raise an alarm?
(a) He sees Sharpe's men trying to light the outer gates of the fort.
(b) He does not raise an alarm.
(c) He hears Major Tubbs talking to Sharpe.
(d) He sees smoke coming through the floorboards.

7. What makes a recovery of the situation at San Miguel possible for Sharpe?
(a) If the fire in the fort spreads rapidly and the French cannot extinguish it.
(b) If Teresa returns in time with reinforcements.
(c) If Tubbs does his part inside the fort.
(d) If Pailleterie panics.

8. What is part of the inferno raging in the fort that Sharpe could have used?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Timbers.
(c) Large artillery shells.
(d) The reserve muskets.

9. How do Pailleterie's men feel about him?
(a) They think he is arrogant.
(b) They like him.
(c) They think he is too strict.
(d) They think he is incompetent.

10. What confounds Sharpe as he and his men take the bridge?
(a) The village up in arms against the French.
(b) Teresa running towards him from the French lines.
(c) Herault's men marching towards them.
(d) The village attacking Sharpe and his men.

11. What orders does the French commander give to the men he summons?
(a) To go get the fire out at the fort.
(b) To go in and capture Sharpe.
(c) To ford the river and flank the riflemen.
(d) To silence the riflemen.

12. What does Pailleterie order his men to do as rifle fire commences?
(a) Sheath their sabers and load their muskets.
(b) Nothing; he has panicked.
(c) Draw their sabers.
(d) Retreat.

13. Why doesn't Ensign Hickey negotiate with the French?
(a) He does not speak French.
(b) He is dead.
(c) His rank is too low.
(d) He is badly wounded but will recover.

14. How is Sharpe feeling at the coming of the dawn?
(a) Weary and foolish.
(b) Optimistic.
(c) Vindicated.
(d) Angry.

15. Of what is MacKeon reminded?
(a) A battle he read about in his military studies.
(b) A fort he and Sharpe took near Brest.
(c) A seige near Sangre.
(d) Gawilghur.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Sharpe filled with fury?

2. With what does Pailleterie threaten his men if they make noise?

3. What does Sharp do in the place where he sneaks?

4. Why is Coignet's order useless?

5. How does Sharpe light the oil?

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