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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes a recovery of the situation at San Miguel possible for Sharpe?
(a) If Tubbs does his part inside the fort.
(b) If Teresa returns in time with reinforcements.
(c) If Pailleterie panics.
(d) If the fire in the fort spreads rapidly and the French cannot extinguish it.

2. What does Pailleterie hope about San Miguel?
(a) That he can take San Miguel without any loss of life.
(b) That it will surrender without a fight.
(c) That they will be able to flank it undetected.
(d) That it is unguarded.

3. What else does the French commander decide to try to do to Sharpe's men?
(a) Separate them into small groups.
(b) Send his lancers in to finish Sharpe's men off.
(c) Confuse them.
(d) Take some captive to interrogate.

4. Who does Sharpe push into the water?
(a) Coignet.
(b) Pailleterie.
(c) Herault.
(d) Tubbs.

5. Why has Sharpe made everyone else nervous?
(a) Because he is jumpy himself.
(b) Because they think he knows more than they do about an impending attack.
(c) No one but Sharpe is jumpy.
(d) Because he is angry about the wine Harper saved.

6. What is happening to the French troops that come as reinforcements?
(a) They are being pushed towards the conflagration in the fort.
(b) They are being beaten by a handful of British soldiers.
(c) They are about to finish off the British.
(d) They are getting disorganized.

7. Where does Sharpe sprinkle oil and add kindling?
(a) In the fort commander's office.
(b) On the bridge.
(c) In the fort's stables.
(d) In the storeroom of the fort.

8. Why does Coignet raise an alarm?
(a) He does not raise an alarm.
(b) He hears Major Tubbs talking to Sharpe.
(c) He sees smoke coming through the floorboards.
(d) He sees Sharpe's men trying to light the outer gates of the fort.

9. What does Coignet order?
(a) Water.
(b) To open the gates.
(c) Retreat.
(d) Attack.

10. What does Pailleterie order his men and the prisoners to do?
(a) Gather on to the bridge.
(b) To hold fast.
(c) Gather in the Eastern corner of the fort.
(d) To smash down the southern wall of the fort.

11. What does the French commander decide to try to do to Sharpe's men?
(a) Push them into the river.
(b) Thin them out.
(c) Kill them with his pikemen.
(d) Lead them into an ambush.

12. How does Sharpe light the oil?
(a) Uses his flint.
(b) His intention is to make the French slide off the bridge, not to set fire to it.
(c) Harris brings him a lighted taper from a fire in the village.
(d) Fires his pistol into it.

13. What men does Sharpe have left to fight?
(a) Most of his men are still alive and fighting.
(b) Two ranks of infantry and some riflemen.
(c) About half a squad.
(d) About half a company.

14. Of what nationality are the lancers of the French army?
(a) German.
(b) Polish.
(c) Russian.
(d) Dutch.

15. How does Sharpe know more French are coming?
(a) He does not think any more French are coming.
(b) Because Pailleterie is holed up in the fort.
(c) The barricade has been removed.
(d) Because Sharpe can see dust rising several miles in the distance.

Short Answer Questions

1. What grabs Sharpe's attention as he and Teresa are talking?

2. How did the French fool Sharpe?

3. How does the French commander plan to kill all the British?

4. Where does Perkins go after Sharpe talks with him?

5. What is Teresa doing as Price's men fire their rifles?

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