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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has accompanied Sharpe to the fort?
(a) His wife.
(b) His nephew who wants to join the Army.
(c) His light company.
(d) His mistress.

2. Where does Herault march as night falls?
(a) Back towards Paris.
(b) Into Avila.
(c) Back to rejoin Soult.
(d) Across the hills.

3. Where was Sharpe first to cross a wall according to one of the men who are sitting with Sharpe and Teresa?
(a) Sandoon.
(b) Fort Gibraltar.
(c) Gawilghur.
(d) Fort Brest.

4. Who is General Jean Herault?
(a) The commander of Fort Piqueues.
(b) The commander of the Navy at Brest waiting for orders to shell the shore.
(c) The commander of the French forces dug in near Casa Lomalinda.
(d) The commander of the forces Soult sends north.

5. Who does Sharp yell at for staring at his wife?
(a) Harper.
(b) Ducos.
(c) Hickey.
(d) Tubbs.

6. How does Sharpe know La Aguja?
(a) There is a drawing of the man hanging on the fort commander's wall.
(b) She is his wife.
(c) He does not know La Aguja.
(d) He was once in prison with the man.

7. With what book was "Sharpe's Skirmish" supposed to be given away?
(a) "Sharpe's Rifles".
(b) None.
(c) "Sharpe at Waterloo".
(d) "Sharpe's Fortress".

8. What does Harper insist about his men?
(a) They think Sharpe can do no wrong.
(b) They know better than to get drunk.
(c) They are in sore need of some leave time.
(d) They are the best sharpshooters in the British army.

9. What would happen if the French retake Salamanca?
(a) The English would have to retreat into Germany.
(b) It will cut the Duke of Wellington's forces off from their supplies.
(c) The English would have to fall back to Madrid.
(d) The French would have a staging ground to retake the southeastern edge of France.

10. Where does Teresa want to ride?
(a) To Avila.
(b) To Brest.
(c) To Paris.
(d) To Madrid.

11. What does the narrator say in the introduction about the first version of "Sharpe's Skirmish"?
(a) It had a number of inaccuracies.
(b) It was obvious that it was written in haste.
(c) He does not say anything about a first version.
(d) It was quite superb for the amount of time spent on it.

12. Where does Ducos suggest sending 300 men?
(a) Back to Soult.
(b) Directly to Marmont.
(c) Avila.
(d) To circle around and wait on the coast.

13. What does Teresa suggest Sharpe have Hickey do?
(a) Retreat with the civilians since he is wounded.
(b) Send out scouts towards Avila.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Write a request for reinforcements.

14. How many muskets does a priest discover at the fort?
(a) About 15,000.
(b) Almost 1,000.
(c) Almost 5,000.
(d) About 500.

15. Where does the General lead a charge that destroys a British battalion?
(a) Gibraltar.
(b) Waterloo.
(c) Albubera.
(d) Harque.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Sharpe order this disposal?

2. Who is Captain Michel Pailleterie?

3. How many men does Captain Pailleterie take on his mission?

4. How many men does Soult send North?

5. What does Sharpe doubt?

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