Sharpe's Skirmish Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the setting and mission for Captain Richard Sharpe.

Captain Richard Sharpe's mission is to secure a path for Wellington's army to reach their supplies. The story is set in 1812 in San Miguel de Tormes, Spain.

2. Briefly characterize Captain Richard Sharpe.

Captain Richard Sharpe is the main character in "Sharpe's Skirmish". He is a dark-haired man with many scars, results of the many battles that he has seen. As a result of his achievements in war, he has moved up through the ranks from a private to a captain.

3. What does the author say about "Sharpe's Skirmish" in his introduction to the story?

In the Introduction, the author explains that "Sharpe's Skirmish" was first written in 1998 in a great hurry to be given away with every copy of "Sharpe's Fortress", but since the haste was obvious, this edition has been entirely rewritten.

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