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San Miguel de Tormes

Where the skirmish is fought between Sharpe's men and Herault's men.


A town near San Miguel where there are many English reinforcements.

Wine Bottles

Sharpe orders Harper to break these.


Sharpe orders his men to construct these to stop the horses on the bridge.


A place in India where Sharpe previously won a battle at which MacKeon was present.


A town in Spain where Herault sacrifices 300 soldiers to distract the guerilleros.


This structure at San Miguel is very old and decrepit.

Pierre Ducos' Notebook

This character keeps records about generals, captains and soldiers in this in order to report to Emperor Napoleon.


This near the fort at San Miguel, and this is where the English riflemen set up to defend the fort.


The French attack San Miguel in order to save this other place.

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