Sharpe's Skirmish Character Descriptions

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Captain Richard Sharpe

This character has risen through the ranks from private to a captain.

General Jean Herault

This character leads a charge at Albubera that destroyed a British battalion.

Major Lucius Tubbs

This character is a plump and cheerful man who is in charge of reviewing the French muskets left at San Miguel.

Sergeant Patrick Harper

This character is a lean, scarred Irish rifleman in charge of the other riflemen under Captain Sharpe.

Teresa Sharpe

This character starts fighting the French after they killed her family.

Major Pierre Ducos

This character is a functionary of Emperor Napoleon.

John MacKeon

This character was at Gawilghur with Sharpe and reminds him that there is always a back way in.

Captain Michel Pailleterie

A French captain with blond pigtails and a nearly white moustache.

Ensign Hickey

This character writes the preemptive summons for reinforcements from Salamanca at Sharpe's command.

Lieutenant Price

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