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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of work does Cornelius Killick do?
(a) He is a privateer.
(b) He is the sub commander at Teste de Buch.
(c) He is a French marine.
(d) He is a British spy.

2. Who joins Sharpe's unit at the last moment?
(a) Harper.
(b) Comte de Maquerre.
(c) Bloomsfield.
(d) Hogan.

3. What would happen if Bampfylde left Teste de Buch?
(a) He would march on Bordeaux.
(b) The French would use it against the English.
(c) The French would occupy it again.
(d) Sharpe would be on his own.

4. Who does the soldier at the gate think Harper is?
(a) An American civilian.
(b) A French spy.
(c) A French scout.
(d) An American casualty.

5. How does the Commodore try to figure out what the British are going to do?
(a) Gathers local information.
(b) Sends a spy to the British lines.
(c) Thinks about what he would do in their situation.
(d) He doesn't he just waits for whatever happens.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Killick worried about Thuella?

2. What do the men do when they approach the fort with Harper?

3. Why is Killick intervening in the battle at Teste de Buch?

4. What will Sharpe do while Teste de Buch is being assaulted?

5. What does Colonel Elphinstone say about Sharpe due to the mission he is assigned?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Killick think the British will do, how much experience does he have with fighting on land and what worries him the most?

2. What does Lassan do when he flees the fortress?

3. What does Sharpe do with the American prisoners and how does Bampfylde respond?

4. What is Richard Sharpe's role in the coming British action and why is he chosen for this task?

5. What does an English frigate do about the Teste de Buch and how does Lassan respond?

6. How does Sharpe prepare first for his mission? How does that turn out?

7. What is Harper's story concerning how he is with Sharpe's men?

8. What does Bampfylde do with the American prisoners and why?

9. What does Killick and Sharpe realize when they speak?

10. What does Harper ask Sharpe, how does Sharpe respond and what does Harper say to that response?

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