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Charlaine Harris
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lily realize about the men who were chasing Jack?

2. What does Jack leave on Lily's back porch that she must get rid of?

3. How does Karen Kingsland die?

4. Why does the guy with the ponytail attack Lily at Howell Jr.s house?

5. Who is John Bellingham?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Lily tell Darcy and Cleve that she and Jack are seeing each other, and why does this anger Jack?

2. How does the intimacy between Lily and Jack affect her at the end of Chapter Six?

3. What does Lily do to help Jack while he is in her home?

4. What transpires between Bobo and Lily when he comes to the house after she does not show up for karate class?

5. Explain the conversation that takes place between Lanette and Lily in the church.

6. What thoughts go through Lily's mind as she is cleaning Deedra's apartment in Chapter Seven?

7. What part does Lanette Glass play in the meeting at Golgotha Church?

8. Who has been chasing Jack and why and what have they done to him? Where does Jack run to to take cover after he runs in Chapter Six?

9. Describe in detail Lily's thoughts and feelings after the explosion.

10. Who is Jared Fletcher and what is his tie to Lily?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How are the characteristics of Claude and Carrie contradictory to the effect that they have on the incidents that occur in Shakespeare?

Essay Topic 2

In a serious piece of literature, violence is not used simply for violence sake. What violence does Harris give to the reader, and what are her motives for using this violence?

Essay Topic 3

Who pays the greatest price for Shakespeare's racism? How might this have been avoided if the black community were more aware of the racism in Shakespeare?

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