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Charlaine Harris
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Jack's gunshot wound?
(a) In his abdomen.
(b) In his shoulder.
(c) In his thigh.
(d) In his calf.

2. Why does the guy with the ponytail attack Lily at Howell Jr.s house?
(a) He is trying to save her from intruders.
(b) He thinks that she is someone else.
(c) He is a violent man.
(d) He thinks she is an intruder.

3. Why does Lily choose Shakespeare as a place to live?
(a) It is far from Tennessee.
(b) Her name is Bard.
(c) She likes Arkansas.
(d) It is far from her parents.

4. Cleve was once arrested for ______________.
(a) Attempted rape.
(b) Drunk driving.
(c) Assault.
(d) Lewd behavior.

5. Which of the following is NOT one of Lily's injuries from the explosion?
(a) Two broken ribs.
(b) A piece of her ear is lost.
(c) A long gash on her left thigh.
(d) A grazed scalp.

Short Answer Questions

1. What odd question does Becca ask Lily about Marie?

2. What advice does Carrie give Lily?

3. What does Lily realize about the men who were chasing Jack?

4. What surprising information does Lanette Glass bring up at the meeting at the church?

5. What does Lily do to distract the men who have come to her home asking if she is a hostage?

Short Essay Questions

1. What injuries does Claude sustain in the explosion and what steps will be taken to care for him?

2. What terrible event has happened to Lily and Jack in their pasts?

3. What do Lily and Carrie discuss when Lily goes to the clinic to clean?

4. What thoughts go through Lily's mind as she is cleaning Deedra's apartment in Chapter Seven?

5. Where does Lily run into the man with the ponytail throughout Chapter Four?

6. What realizations does Lily come to while cleaning Mookie Preston's house?

7. What transpires between Bobo and Lily when he comes to the house after she does not show up for karate class?

8. How does Howell react to Lily's presence in his home while it was broken into?

9. What information does Jack share with Lily about why he is in Shakespeare?

10. What happens to Marie, and how is Lily involved?

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