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Charlaine Harris
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Del think of Lily Bard as he prepares for the competition?
(a) She is pretty.
(b) She is a coward.
(c) She would win if she would compete.
(d) She is weird.

2. What does Claude want to discuss with Lily when he takes her to dinner in Montrose?
(a) The deaths that have recently occured in Shakespeare.
(b) The Fight.
(c) A lawsuit against her.
(d) Marriage.

3. What does Deedra want Lily to do for her concerning her car?
(a) Drive it to the shop.
(b) Go with Jerrell and Deedra to the car wash.
(c) Call a towing company.
(d) Lend her money to get it fixed.

4. What is Todd Picard doing at Burger Tycoon the night of The Fight?
(a) Following Darnell in the squad car.
(b) Buying food for his family.
(c) Having dinner with friends.
(d) He is patrolling.

5. Which of the choices listed, is NOT how Lily described Del to Claude?
(a) He was a yokel.
(b) He didn't like big words.
(c) He didn't like blacks.
(d) He was harmless.

Short Answer Questions

1. After hitting his car, what does Hodding do to make Darnell hit him?

2. Where does every Winthrop attend college?

3. What does Lily learn about herself in regard to the Winthrops as she leaves their house after meeting the strange man with Howell?

4. Who does Lily see on her walk on that chilly night?

5. What is Todd Picard's role at The Fight according to him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the relationship between Marshall and Lily?

2. Explain the conversation that takes place between Lanette and Lily in the church.

3. What happens to Lily while she is at the Winthrop's to clean Beanie's closet?

4. Where do Claude and Lily go after her karate class, and what does Claude tell Lily?

5. What part does Lanette Glass play in the meeting at Golgotha Church?

6. Where is Claude when Lily arrives home from work at the end of her day, and what do they discover together?

7. Who is Lily's new client? What is her occupation? What does Lily think of her on their first meeting?

8. What is Bobo's connection to the town of Shakespeare?

9. How does Howell react to Lily's presence in his home while it was broken into?

10. As the novel opens, what is Del doing and where is he?

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