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Charlaine Harris
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who sends Lily the flowers?
(a) Marshall.
(b) Darcy.
(c) Bobo.
(d) Claude.

2. In Lily's eyes, why is Lindy not a suspect for the murder of Del?
(a) She loves Del too much.
(b) She fears the germs in the gym.
(c) She is not strong enough to lift the weight that was on the bar.
(d) She is too sweet natured.

3. How tall is Del?
(a) Six foot two.
(b) Five foot five.
(c) Six foot one.
(d) Five foot ten.

4. Lily and Bobo think that Del must be in the tanning bed. Which reason is NOT one that they thought?
(a) The door is unlocked.
(b) The lights are out.
(c) His car is in the parking lot.
(d) They don't see him.

5. How does Lily know Bobo?
(a) She cleans for his mother.
(b) From the gym.
(c) They went to school together.
(d) They work together.

6. What does Lily wonder about Howell and his friend after they enter Howell's house?
(a) Are they gay?
(b) What crime did they commit?
(c) Are they planning something sinister?
(d) What are they hiding?

7. What does Howell want to know from Lily while she is cleaning his house?
(a) About the death of Del.
(b) If she overheard his conversation with his friend.
(c) If she saw what they brought into the house.
(d) If she knows if Bobo was involved with the murder.

8. Where does the spotter put the gloves after the deed is over?
(a) On Del's hands.
(b) In his back pocket.
(c) Back in the lost and found.
(d) In Del's gym bag.

9. What advice did Mr. Winthrop give Del shortly before his death?
(a) Listen to the spotter.
(b) Speak out about the situation.
(c) Work out harder.
(d) Not to speak to anyone about some situation.

10. At the beginning of the book, how long is it before the competition?
(a) One week.
(b) One day.
(c) Two months.
(d) One month.

11. What is the spotter worried about before he leaves the gym?
(a) What to do with the lights.
(b) What to do with Del.
(c) What to do with the weights.
(d) What to do with the key.

12. Where does Lily see Lanette Glass emerging from on Lily's late night walk?
(a) From Darcy's house.
(b) From Hoewll's house.
(c) From Claude's house.
(d) From Mookie's house.

13. What does Deedra want Lily to do for her concerning her car?
(a) Lend her money to get it fixed.
(b) Drive it to the shop.
(c) Go with Jerrell and Deedra to the car wash.
(d) Call a towing company.

14. Why does Lily park her car in the street at the Winthrop's house?
(a) The garage is too small.
(b) They have asked her not to park in the garage.
(c) Her car leaks oil.
(d) She wants to be able to make a quick getaway.

15. Why does Janet want to know if Marshall and Lily are "a locked in thing"?
(a) Janet writes a love column for the town newspaper.
(b) Janet's friend wants to date Marshall.
(c) Janet is interested in Marshall.
(d) Janet is nosey.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Bobo doing at the gym on the morning after the murder?

2. Where does every Winthrop attend college?

3. Why does Lily go for a walk at the beginning of Chapter Two?

4. The flyer that is being distributed all over town is about ___________.

5. What does Bobo do to Lily when he sees her again at karate class?

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