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Charlaine Harris
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of neighborhood was Mookie's house in?
(a) Large homes with long driveways.
(b) Middle class houses with picket fences.
(c) Small homes with lawns filled with children's toys.
(d) Small white houses with neatly raked lawns.

2. What is the man wearing that comes to the house with Howell?
(a) All black.
(b) A dark suit.
(c) A ski mask.
(d) Winthrop Sporting Goods employee clothes.

3. What does Lily tell Claude to do as she leaves for karate class?
(a) Meet her later for coffee.
(b) Investigate the flyers.
(c) Stay at her home and watch the game.
(d) Come to the gym to watch her.

4. What does Deedra want Lily to do for her concerning her car?
(a) Drive it to the shop.
(b) Go with Jerrell and Deedra to the car wash.
(c) Call a towing company.
(d) Lend her money to get it fixed.

5. Why does Lily go for a walk at the beginning of Chapter Two?
(a) She is in search of answers to the murder.
(b) She is angry at herself and Claude.
(c) She'd rather walk then go to the gym.
(d) She can't sleep.

6. What does Lily educate Claude about concerning Del while they eat lunch together?
(a) Del's acquaintances at the gym.
(b) Del's routine at the gym.
(c) Del's character.
(d) How body building competition works.

7. Why does Janet want to know if Marshall and Lily are "a locked in thing"?
(a) Janet writes a love column for the town newspaper.
(b) Janet is nosey.
(c) Janet's friend wants to date Marshall.
(d) Janet is interested in Marshall.

8. What do Howell and the other man carry into his house while Lily is there cleaning?
(a) Black garbage bags.
(b) A rolled up carpet.
(c) A long, heavy black bag.
(d) A piece of gym equipment.

9. How did Lily get the job to clean the public areas of the apartment complex that Claude lives in?
(a) A local lawyer who represented the estate gave it to her.
(b) Lily's other client told her about it.
(c) Deedra Dean recommended her.
(d) Claude recommended her.

10. When was the last time that the spotter and Del had spoken before the spotter joins him the evening Del dies?
(a) Never.
(b) The week before.
(c) The night before.
(d) The same afternoon.

11. What is Jerrell's and Deedra's conversation about as Lily enters her apartment to clean?
(a) Jerrell is angry with Deedra for leaving home.
(b) Jerrell is angry with Deedra for moving in with her boyfriend.
(c) Jerrell is angry with Deedra for sleeping with a black man.
(d) Jerrell is angry with Deedra for not giving him money.

12. What does Lily wonder about Howell and his friend after they enter Howell's house?
(a) What crime did they commit?
(b) Are they planning something sinister?
(c) What are they hiding?
(d) Are they gay?

13. What does Lily reserve Wednesdays for in her job?
(a) Changing linens.
(b) Cleaning her own apartment.
(c) Unusual jobs like mowing lawns.
(d) Errands.

14. Where was Beanie Winthrop most likely to be found during the day?
(a) At the country club bar.
(b) Playing tennis or doing volunteer work.
(c) Dining with friends.
(d) Playing golf.

15. What hides the spotter's car in the parking lot?
(a) Light poles.
(b) Hibiscus.
(c) Trash bins.
(d) Wax myrtles.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of the book, how long is it before the competition?

2. How long had Del been working out before the spotter arrived?

3. What has Claude very curious about the murder scene?

4. What does Bobo do to Lily when he sees her again at karate class?

5. What color is Del's hair?

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