Shakespeare's Champion Short Essay - Answer Key

Charlaine Harris
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1. What kind of a physical character is Del Packard?

Del is five feet ten inches and weighs one hundred seventy-four pounds. He is a body builder who works out a few hours each day at the gym. His intention is to win the competition this year.

2. As the novel opens, what is Del doing and where is he?

Del is at the Body Time gym lifting weights. It is after hours, so he is putting in extra time for his workout. He is waiting for a spotter to join him to help him with the workout.

3. What occurs with the spotter's gloves in the Prologue?

The spotter notes that he left his gloves at home, so he takes a pair from the Lost and Found. The pair that he takes are regular gloves, not the kind that spotters usually wear which stop at the first knuckle and have padded palms.

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