Shakespeare's Champion Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Charlaine Harris
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Essay Topic 1

Write a persuasive piece discussing Lily's involvement in Marie's death. Choose a side and discuss whether Lily had the moral and legal right to allow Marie to die at home.

Essay Topic 2

The group that causes all of the trouble in Shakespeare is referred to as a pack. Describe what and who the pack is and how the fact that they are merely a pack and not an organized group makes them, is some ways, more dangerous.

Essay Topic 3

How is the relationship between Lily and Jack unhealthy? What do they both bring to the relationship that needs to be emotionally evaluated before they begin a new relationship?

Essay Topic 4

Who pays the greatest price for Shakespeare's racism? How might this have been avoided if the black community were more aware of the racism in Shakespeare?

Essay Topic 5

Is Howell Jr. just as guilty as his...

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