Shakespeare's Champion Character Descriptions

Charlaine Harris
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Lily Bard

This character is strong physically and mentally. Discovering the physical strength and mental fitness is part of what this character is trying to do because the past was not good.

Jack Leeds/Jared Fletcher

This character is an undercover investigator who has a shady past.

Claude Friedrich

This character is the chief of police in Shakespeare, Arkansas.

Bobo Winthrop

This character is a college student who works part time at the Body Time gym.

Mookie Preston

This character is new to Shakespeare and is a genealogist.

Marshall Sedaka

This character is the owner of Body Time, the gym that the residents of Shakespeare frequent.

Del Packard

This character is the victim who is found dead on the workbench at the gym.

Howell Winthrop Jr.

This character is one of the richest and most powerful men in town whose family owns most of the large businesses in...

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