Shakespeare's Champion Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Charlaine Harris
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• Del Packard is a five foot ten inch one hundred and seventy-four pound machine.

• He is working out at Body Time gym every chance that he gets to ready himself to win this year's body building competition at Marvel's Gym.

• On this particular evening, he is in the gym after hours as the owner, Marshall Sedaka, has given him the key.
• A spotter comes to the gym to help Del with the weight lifting.

• Del tells the spotter that he believes that he can win. He has been posing every day and has even shaved every piece of body hair.

• Del tells the spotter that he thought Lily Bard should have joined the competition as well because she's got great chest and arm development. She opted not to show her body to a bunch of people she did not know.
• The spotter takes gloves from the Lost...

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