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William Nicholson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Joy's son want to do?
(a) See where Lewis lives.
(b) Ring the service bell.
(c) See a football game.
(d) Go to the park.

2. What does Lewis ask Joy about her return to America?
(a) When she'll be returning to see him.
(b) If she'll go to the house she shared with her husband.
(c) How she plans to travel to America.
(d) If she'll go on a book tour.

3. Who initiated the marriage between Lewis and Joy?
(a) Warnie.
(b) Douglas.
(c) Joy.
(d) Lewis.

4. What does Lewis offer to Joy?
(a) To watch Douglas for her.
(b) Money to help her get back to America.
(c) A place to stay.
(d) Help with her book.

5. In what city does the play take place?
(a) Cape Town.
(b) Boston.
(c) Oxford.
(d) Moscow.

6. How does Joy leave Lewis' home?
(a) Scared of her feelings toward Lewis.
(b) Happy about the future.
(c) Relieved.
(d) In tears.

7. How old is Lewis at the start of the play?
(a) 40s.
(b) 70s.
(c) 50s.
(d) 20s.

8. Where does scene four open?
(a) A dining room.
(b) A hotel room.
(c) A classroom.
(d) A tearoom.

9. As scene 5 opens, Lewis and Warnie are preparing for what?
(a) Joy's visit.
(b) A lecture at Oxford.
(c) A trip to France.
(d) Christmas.

10. What news does the letter contain?
(a) Joy's husband has died.
(b) Joy's mother has died.
(c) Joy's book of poetry is going to be published.
(d) Joy's husband has had an affair and wants a divorce.

11. Lewis says that life is what?
(a) A caterpiller becoming a butterfly.
(b) A series of misfortunate events.
(c) A testing ground for God's children.
(d) A mere shadow of the next.

12. Scene 6 opens at what?
(a) A lecture.
(b) A Christmas party.
(c) A hotel restuarant.
(d) A theater play.

13. What does C.S. Lewis enter with?
(a) A glass of wine.
(b) A newspaper.
(c) A briefcase.
(d) A cat.

14. Gossip is spreading about what?
(a) Joy's divorce.
(b) Warnie's girlfriend.
(c) Joy and Lewis' friendship.
(d) Douglas' father.

15. Lewis and Joy make plans for what?
(a) A train ride.
(b) Tea.
(c) Co-writing a book.
(d) A trip to Austria.

Short Answer Questions

1. Scene 3 mentions what at the back of the room?

2. Lewis and Warnie joke about Joy's what?

3. Which word best describes the flowers for the wedding?

4. What does Lewis' participation in the marriage indicate?

5. What do Lewis and Joy discuss after he finds her reading the letter?

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