Daily Lessons for Teaching Shadowlands

William Nicholson
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Objective: The play focuses on a particular aspect and time period of C.S. Lewis' life. The objective of this lesson is to learn more about C.S. Lewis to help put these events into a greater context.

1) Homework: Write a biography of C.S. Lewis. In your biography, include information about the important events in Lewis' life and his importance as a writer. Why is Lewis so well known? What accomplishment did Lewis have in his life.

Watch a film version of one of Lewis' works. Discuss the themes that are present in the film and whether these same themes may arise in this play. Why do you think Lewis was interested in these particular themes? What do the themes say about Lewis?

Create a timeline of Lewis' life. Include the important dates in his life, including when his works are published. You can also include...

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