Shadowlands Character Descriptions

William Nicholson
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Mrs. Joy Davidman Gresham - She is an American woman in her late thirties. Born Jewish, she later became a communist, then a Christian. She also was a poet who once won a national prize. She divorces her husband and moves to Oxford. She soon discovers that she has bone cancer and is dying. She dies before the end of the play.

Douglas Gresham - He is the eight-year-old son of two American writers. He is very close to his mother, and obeys her without question. The Narnia Chronicles are his favorite books.

Harry Harrington - He is a chaplain at Oxford. He will not perform a religious wedding ceremony for a friend.

Jack Lewis - This is a nickname for a character in the play.

C[live] S[taples] Lewis - He is the central character in Shadowlands. He is an Oxford scholar and professor...

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