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John Sandford
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who has been shot?

2. According to the news report, how many people are being transported to Minneapolis to help with the investigation?

3. It is believed that the Crows have been working together since the:

4. Who is the man in charge of finding young girls?

5. How old was the woman meeting Davenport?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Daniel order secrecy surrounding the sting at the Crows' apartment?

2. What happens after Shadow Love's death?

3. What happens after the police arrive at Drake's house?

4. How does Davenport get the drop on Shadow Love? Where are Jennifer and Sara at this time?

5. What is Barbara's opinion and input on the situation?

6. How do Davenport and Del get information about the whereabouts of the Crows and the others?

7. What reaction does David Rothenburg have to Lily's injuries?

8. Discuss Shadow's thoughts after killing Hart.

9. What evidence has been gathered so far in Hart's murder investigation?

10. What is the news Daniel delivers when he calls Davenport and Lily?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the characters, plots, settings, and outcomes of the stories woven into "Shadow Prey." Use the scenarios in another one of Sandford's series of books for comparison. How do the story lines differ? What is the conclusion of each story? Which lead character did you like better? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Davenport is often viewed as a rogue cop, one who does not play by the book. Discuss this behavior. How is Davenport's method helpful to his work? How might it hinder or jeopardize an investigation? How do Davenport's colleagues feel about his behavior? How is the behavior viewed by the rural cops in Grant? Is Davenport viewed as an asset or liability by his commander? What kind of reprimands might Davenport receive for his unusual methods? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Members of the Minneapolis Police Department and Davenport are dismayed to learn about the arrival of the FBI. Discuss in detail the duties and jurisdiction of the FBI versus the local police. What is the relationship between the agencies? Is the relationship different on paper than it is when the teams work together? Explain. What is Davenport's relationship with Kieffer and his people? How do the feds help or hinder the Shadow Love case?

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