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John Sandford
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Davenport's girlfriend?

2. What word does Lily use to describe Kieffer?

3. What is the surname of Larry and Carl?

4. Where does Davenport meet Shadow Love?

5. Clay eventually ends up working at which agency?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who are Aaron and Samuel? Discuss the conversation between Aaron and Samuel.

2. What is the situation at Hood's house?

3. Examine the mission assigned to Billy Hood. How does Hood feel about the assignment?

4. How is Hood's address discovered? What do Lily and Davenport do when they get information about Hood's whereabouts?

5. Shadow Love spends time reflecting on his past. What is Shadow Love Thinking about?

6. Examine the scene in which Bluebird is killed.

7. What happens at Bluebird's funeral? How do people react to the presence of the police?

8. Who is Ray Cuervo? What is the man's business?

9. What are the results of the competition?

10. Why is Davenport worried about Jennifer at this point?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Backstories are important as they fill in the gaps of characters' lives that may not have been addressed elsewhere. This is seen clearly in the backstories of the Crows, Shadow Love, and Davenport. Explain how Sandford uses the technique. When is the appropriate time for a backstory? Does the backstory always resolve unanswered questions? Where might Sandford use it in reference to other characters or situations? Give at least three examples and explain in detail. Also discuss the most important factor in each character's backstory.

Essay Topic 2

The murderers were counting on the case running smoothly because of the involvement of the regular police. The murderers become alarmed when they recognize Davenport. What was the difference between the police solving the crime and the case being solved by Davenport? How do the killers refer to Davenport? Is the assessment accurate? Explain. Do you think the Sioux did anything differently because of Davenport's presence? Are the Sioux more intimidated by Davenport or the FBI? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Davenport turns to Elle for help in assessing the mental health and actions of the killers. As a psychologist, Elle offers her professional opinion. Explain the analysis given by Elle. Why does Davenport go to her instead of the police analyst or a consultant? Is Elle more qualified? Does Davenport just go to see his friend? What assessment does Elle make about the escalation of the case? What can be done to alter the path of the killers?

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