Objects & Places from Shadow Prey

John Sandford
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Obsidian Knife

This object is made from black volcanic glass.

Shadow Love's Gun

Shadow Love uses this item instead of a knife.


This is the gun Lucas prefers to carry.

Colt 45

This is Lillian Rothenburg's gun of choice.


This is the car Lucas drives.

Lucas's Basement

Lucas and Jennifer flee to this location when Shadow Love shoots at them.


This is the gun Shadow Love uses when he goes after Lucas.

Gold Cup 45

This is the gun Lucas uses to kill Shadow Love.

Computer Games

Lucas made his fortune by creating these items.


Aaron uses this object to write the letters he sends to the press and the police.


This place is near the Mendota Bridge and is a former concentration camp for Sioux.


This is the Minneapolis Emergency Response Unit that surrounds Bluebird's house.

Albertus Magnus Hall

This is the place...

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