Shadow Prey Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Sandford
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Intro, 1, 2

• Some Sioux go after their enemies.

• The Sioux hope to lure Clay to Minneapolis.

• Lucas Davenport is introduced.

• Davenport finds the killers and determines their cause.

• Larry and Carl Reed rape an Indian girl.

• The girl is cast aside in the alley.

• Larry is a cop.

• Larry believes he can get away with raping young girls because of his job.

• Larry is known for making high level drug busts.

• Clay survives and becomes a lawyer.

• Clay goes on to become the youngest FBI director since Hoover.

• Clay's illegal activities remain hidden.

• Clay hates Indians.
• Ray Cuervo, a slumlord, is introduced.

• Cuervo is attacked and killed by a tenant.

• John Lee Benton is introduced.

• Benton also hates Indians.

• An Indian named Bluebird attacks and kills Benton.

• Yellow Hand is introduced.
• Davenport is sent to interview witnesses.

• Yellow Hand begs Davenport to let him go.

• Davenport wants the name...

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