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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "White haired" women, "housewives," and young virgins are all described to be ___________.
(a) Equal victims.
(b) Equal beings.
(c) Equal criminals.
(d) Equal culprits.

2. The Chorus uses all of the following likening the destruction and violation of the city to the destruction and violation of a woman except:
(a) Spiritual.
(b) Moral.
(c) Physical.
(d) Intellectual.

3. Eteocles vows not to be afraid of Tydeus and does all of the following except:
(a) Charges Tydeus with blindness .
(b) Charges Tydeus with deafness.
(c) Charges Tydeus with bad judgement.
(d) Ridicules the prophet.

4. Who does Eteocles send to face the third general?
(a) Dikes.
(b) Megareus.
(c) Hippomedon.
(d) Hekate.

5. The Chorus formally pray to Zeus and the other gods, asking them _____________.
(a) Who is going to be the new king.
(b) How should the army fight.
(c) Who is going to win the battle.
(d) Where they should go if the city is destroyed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who prays to the gods to guide and inspire Eteocles' generals to victory?

2. What is the name of the fire-breathing monster on the 4th general's shield?

3. How is Aktor related to Hyperbios?

4. Scout describes all of the following, in the beginning of part 3, to Eteocles except:

5. Traditionally, males are more concerned with _______.

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