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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Eteocle appoint as the last and head general?
(a) A blacksmith.
(b) Polyneices.
(c) Antigone.
(d) Himself.

2. The particular legend of "Seven Against Thebes" resembles what other type of legends?
(a) Greek.
(b) Roman.
(c) Egyptian.
(d) American.

3. Who does Eteocles send to face Tydeus?
(a) Eteoklos.
(b) Parthenopaios.
(c) Melanippus.
(d) Megareus.

4. Who is the fourth general the Scout describes as constantly shouting out his war cry and acting almost insane with blood lust?
(a) Hippomedon.
(b) Megareus.
(c) Parthenopaios.
(d) Melanippus.

5. What literary form does the Chorus use to describe the destruction and violation of the city's moral?
(a) Burlesque.
(b) Farce.
(c) Prose.
(d) Imagery.

Short Answer Questions

1. The image of Thebes is considered the ______ of its citizens.

2. The women of Thebes pray to the gods to remember their faithfulness and protect them so they can continue to do what?

3. To try to escape the will of the gods is considered ___________.

4. Because of Eteocles' suggestion of what the Chorus should pray about, they begin to pray about what?

5. Human beings are metaphorically represented by ________.

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