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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Jocasta?
(a) Laius' daughter.
(b) Oedipus' wife.
(c) Oedipus' sister.
(d) Polyneices' wife.

2. What does Eteocles accuse the Chorus of being?
(a) Brave.
(b) Disloyal.
(c) Cowards.
(d) Liars.

3. After Oedipus' adopts father is killed, Oedipus seeks revenge and kills _______ .
(a) Jocasta.
(b) the Oracle of Apollo.
(c) the King of Argos.
(d) Laius.

4. Because of Eteocles' suggestion of what the Chorus should pray about, they begin to pray about what?
(a) That they will escape before the walls are penetrated.
(b) That they will die before the walls are penetrated.
(c) That the war will end before the walls are penetrated.
(d) That the war will be faught away from the walls.

5. How does Eteocles try to calm the Chorus in Part 2?
(a) He gives them a formal prayer to offer the gods.
(b) He doesn't.
(c) He tells them to get out of Thebes.
(d) He tells them all is well.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the Chorus say that they come to the square to pray?

2. Who does Eteocles send to face Tydeus?

3. Who represents Eteocles' own blindness and bad judgment?

4. Plays based on Greek legend usually involve a generation after generation repeating a ______.

5. Who promises to "bring this man [Polyneices] to his harbor, and he shall enjoy his father's city?"

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