Seven against Thebes Fun Activities

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Modern Poem

Write a modern-day poem that the Chorus would recite in reaction to Eteocles' death.

Newspaper Clipping

Bring in a newspaper clipping that reminds you of the life and times of Ancient Greece.


Build a diorama of your favorite part of the play or your favorite action of the play. Be creative!

Acting out

In a small group act out a scene from the play Seven Against Thebes.


Bring in clothes from home and dress up as a character from the play. Be prepared to explain your attire.


Write a song that correlates to the play. Be prepared to share your song with your classmates.

One word, two syllables

Play a game of charades to act out actions, events and characters in the play.


Create a one-page collage that highlights the major events of one of the 4 parts of the play.

Design a shield

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