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Vince Flynn
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Short Answer Questions

1. From what room in the White House do the President and his advisers track the progress of the Orion Team in Iraq?

2. What does Rudin want to do when he learns of the bombing of Iraq?

3. Which of the following statements does NOT describe Colonel Gray?

4. What does Steveken leave the restaurant without doing when he and Rudin meet at the end of Chapter Thirty-Five?

5. How does Hank Clark think Rudin's television appearance will affect Irene Kennedy?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Albert Rudin blame Hank Clark for his public disgrace and his legal troubles after his appearance on Meet the Press?

2. How does Clark manipulate Rudin in Chapter Thirty-Six?

3. Why does Colonel Gray want Mitch for the Delta Force's Baghdad mission?

4. Who does Mitch plan to disguise himself as for the mission to Baghdad and how will his disguise assist the mission?

5. How does Donatella arouse Anna's jealousy when they meet in Chapter Twenty-Seven?

6. How does Irene Kennedy advise President Hayes that they deal with the scandal Rudin unleashes?

7. Why does the President want to write his own speech in Chapter Forty-Six, and why does his chief of staff not want him to write his own speech?

8. How does Irene Kennedy handle herself at the confirmation hearing after Rudin's accusations on Meet the Press?

9. In what way does Congressman Zebarth in Chapter Thirty-Seven help illustrate Washington's atmosphere of secrecy?

10. Describe the Delta Force team's encounter with an Iraqi policeman en route to the hospital that is their destination.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Separation of Power contains a number of instances of irony. Cite at least three examples of irony in the novel and and discuss what you think the author intends to convey with each example.

Essay Topic 2

Ben Freidman, Albert Rudin, Hank Clark, and Irene Kennedy all go against the rules and sometimes even break the law to achieve their goals. What is the motivation of each of these characters for their illegal or illegitimate activities? Are any of them acting for the good of others, or do they each only act out of greed? What do you think the author is saying about the world of politics through the actions of each of these characters? Cite examples from the text to support your conclusions.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss symbolism and metaphor in Separation of Power. Give three examples of symbolism in the plays in this book and discuss what the symbols are used to convey.

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