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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rudin take to Hank Clark in Chapter Thirty-Six?
(a) Blackmail money.
(b) The envelope from Steveken.
(c) A bribe payment.
(d) A love letter from Hank's girlfriend.

2. Before leaving her in the care of her new guards, what two things does Mitch make Donatella promise not to do?
(a) Tell Freidman where she's at or run away.
(b) Run away or kill the Navy SEALS assigned to guard her.
(c) Hurt Anna or him.
(d) Tear out her stitches or forget to take her antibiotics.

3. Why do the members of the Orion Team, who will be driving the Mercedes, have to take off their night goggles to turn on the headlights of their cars?
(a) They don't want Iraqi soldiers to see them in night goggles.
(b) They can't see the headlight controls unless they do so.
(c) Not doing so causes temporary blindness.
(d) Removing the goggles is a signal to the team leaders.

4. In Chapter Forty-Six, how does the President describe Mitch during his press conference?
(a) As a victim of terrorists.
(b) As a criminal.
(c) As an Iraqi spy.
(d) As a hero & leader of the Baghdad mission.

5. On what television show does Rudin appear in Chapter Thirty-Seven?
(a) The Tonight Show.
(b) Meet the Press.
(c) Larry King Live.
(d) Saturday Night Live.

Short Answer Questions

1. When General Flood describes the Baghdad hospital mission to Mitch in Chapter Thirty, what about the plan concerns Mitch?

2. Who does Ben Freidman say hired him to kill Peter Cameron?

3. In Chapter Thirty-Three, what does Irene Kennedy tell Mitch it means when the President paces?

4. How does Hank Clark think Rudin's television appearance will affect Irene Kennedy?

5. Who does Hank Clark think will be the next President of America thanks to what Rudin reveals during his television appearance?

Short Essay Questions

1. How will the Delta Force team going to Baghdad be able to blend in with Iraqi citizens once they arrive in Iraq?

2. What plan does Ben Freidman devise for dealing with Donatella in case she tells anyone about him?

3. When the President meets with Ben Freidman after the successful Delta Force mission in Iraq, what does Freidman think the meeting will concern and what does the meeting actually concern?

4. When President Hayes learns of Ben Friedman's involvement in Peter Cameron's murder, what does he think Freidman's involvement indicates about Israel's involvement in American affairs?

5. Explain how, in Chapter Forty-Nine, Anna gets Mitch to understand the feelings she experienced in Milan when she didn't know if she would ever see him again?

6. What is the code name or nickname Colonel Gray and Kennedy use for Mitch in Chapter Twenty-Six, and what does this name indicate about Mitch and his abilities?

7. In Chapter Twenty-Nine, why does Irene Kennedy assign Navy SEALS rather than CIA agents to guard Donatella in America?

8. What examples of Uday Hussein's cruelty does Mitch relate to the other members of his Delta Force team en route to their Baghdad destination?

9. Describe the Delta Force team's encounter with an Iraqi policeman en route to the hospital that is their destination.

10. Describe the Delta Force mission in Baghdad and explain why it is such a gamble.

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