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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brown give Steveken at the end of Chapter Thirty-Two to give to Congressman Rudin?
(a) A CD.
(b) A photo.
(c) A sealed envelope.
(d) A videotape.

2. At the beginning of Chapter Twenty-Six, who does Mitch call for assistance with Donatella?
(a) Anna.
(b) Irene Kennedy.
(c) Hank Clark.
(d) General Flood.

3. Why is Rudin angry when he shows up at Hank Clark's office in Chapter Forty-Three?
(a) He thinks Clark gave him false information.
(b) He thinks Clark owes him money.
(c) He thinks Clark should have gone on television with him.
(d) He thinks Clark should have been tougher on Irene Kennedy.

4. When Ben Freidman checks with Donatella's employer, what does he learn?
(a) That Donatella is dead.
(b) That Donatella has called in sick.
(c) That Donatella is at work on a modeling shoot.
(d) That Donatella has disappeared.

5. At the beginning of Chapter Thirty-Two, what committee is Irene Kennedy preparing to appear before for her confirmation hearing?
(a) The Olympic Committee.
(b) The Senate Intelligence Committee.
(c) The Washington Beautiful Yard Committee.
(d) The House Judiciary Committee.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rudin tell Clark in Chapter Forty-Three that he wants to befall Irene Kennedy?

2. What does Rudin take to Hank Clark in Chapter Thirty-Six?

3. How many Mercedes sedans has Colonel Gray obtained for the Baghdad mission?

4. At the beginning of Chapter Twenty-Eight, what kind of dog is Jonathan Brown walking through the park?

5. How does Mitch's weight compare to Uday Hussein's?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Irene Kennedy advise President Hayes that they deal with the scandal Rudin unleashes?

2. How successful is Mitch's disguise as Saddam Hussein's son, Uday, once the Delta Force team arrives in Baghdad?

3. How does Rudin's showing of Mitch's photo affect Mitch's ability to work under cover and how does the President counteract the damage to Mitch's reputation?

4. How does Irene Kennedy handle herself at the confirmation hearing after Rudin's accusations on Meet the Press?

5. When Anna returns to the U.S. from Milan and finds that there are no voice mail messages from Mitch on her phone, what does she conclude?

6. In Chapter Twenty-Nine, why does Irene Kennedy assign Navy SEALS rather than CIA agents to guard Donatella in America?

7. Why is Hank Clark's treatment of Irene Kennedy at her Senate confirmation hearing ironic?

8. How does Clark manipulate Rudin in Chapter Thirty-Six?

9. When President Hayes learns of Ben Friedman's involvement in Peter Cameron's murder, what does he think Freidman's involvement indicates about Israel's involvement in American affairs?

10. What political scandal does Albert Rudin introduce on the Meet the Press television show?

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