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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much money does Hank Clark offer Ben Freidman?
(a) $500,000.
(b) $1,000,000.
(c) $20,000.
(d) $250,000.

2. From what country is Park Chow Lee?
(a) North Korea.
(b) China.
(c) South Korea.
(d) Japan.

3. Which of the following statements does NOT describe Donatella's physical appearance?
(a) Five feet two inches tall with blonde curls.
(b) A mane of silky black hair.
(c) The perfect mix of elegance and athleticism.
(d) Five feet ten inches tall.

4. What organization does Ben Freidman head?
(a) The Red Cross.
(b) Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization.
(c) Mossad, Israel's intelligence organization.
(d) The KGB.

5. At the beginning of Chapter Twenty-Two, how long have Rosenthal and Sunberg been waiting in Donatella's apartment?
(a) Four hours.
(b) Two hours.
(c) Fifteen minutes.
(d) Two days.

6. How many palaces do the President's military advisers say Saddam Hussein has?
(a) Twenty.
(b) One.
(c) Ten.
(d) Five.

7. What is Mitch's relationship with Donatella?
(a) They are old enemies.
(b) They've been lovers in the past.
(c) They are strangers.
(d) They are cousins.

8. Who is Mitch flying to Milan to meet?
(a) Marc Rosenthal.
(b) Donatella.
(c) Ben Freidman.
(d) Anna.

9. What does Clark want Brown to do?
(a) Kill Irene Kennedy.
(b) Kidnap Donatella.
(c) Kill Mitch.
(d) Meet a man looking for proof that Irene Kennedy is corrupt.

10. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the videotape that Irene Kennedy plays for Mitch in Chapter Four?
(a) Mitch denies knowing who the person in the video is.
(b) The person in the video is a woman.
(c) Irene knows the person's name.
(d) The person in the video is a man.

11. What is Donatella's response when Mitch asks who hired her to kill Peter Cameron?
(a) She says she needs time to think.
(b) She laughs.
(c) She runs away from Mitch.
(d) She tells Mitch what he needs to know right away.

12. What does Anna like about shopping in Milan?
(a) She has a new credit card to use there.
(b) She is shopping there with Mitch.
(c) She can buy designer clothes cheaper than in America.
(d) Her favorite shoestore is there.

13. What is the first option General Flood gives the President in Chapter Eleven for dealing with the problem at the Baghdad hospital?
(a) Letting Israel deal with the problem.
(b) Tomahawk cruise missiles.
(c) Persuading Saddam Hussein to sign a peace treaty.
(d) Blaming the problem on the Palestinians.

14. At the beginning of Chapter Sixteen, where is Donatella?
(a) In her office at the House of Armani.
(b) On a Caribbean cruise ship.
(c) On a plane to New York.
(d) At a beach in Acapulco.

15. What kind of job does Irene Kennedy offer Mitch in Chapter Four?
(a) Planting a bomb in one of Saddam Hussein's cars.
(b) Infiltrating a terrorist cell in Baghdad.
(c) A desk job at the CIA.
(d) Assassinating Saddam Hussein.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Rudin feel about the CIA?

2. What does Mitch warn Donatella NOT to do after giving her the coded statement?

3. How old is Donatella?

4. What is Yanta's relationship to Rosenthal?

5. When Mitch squeezes Donatella's hand in three quick successions in Chapter Twenty-One, what does his gesture signify?

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