Separation of Power Short Essay - Answer Key

Vince Flynn
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1. Why does Mark Ellis oppose Irene Kennedy becoming the new CIA director?

Mark Ellis opposes Irene Kennedy becoming the new CIA director because he doesn't feel she will cooperate with the financial schemes for which he needs secret information from her organization. He uses this information to make investments, and if Irene won't cooperate and continue the flow of information to him, Ellis will lose lots of money.

2. Why does Mitch Rapp want to retire from the CIA?

Mitch Rapp wants to retire from the CIA because he loves and wants to marry Anna Reilly. He wants to have a happy, normal life with Anna and raise children. He can't have the kind of life he wants with Anna if he's still working as a hired killer for the CIA.

3. What happens to Mitch in Germany when he goes to assassinate Count Hagenmiller?

When Mitch goes to assassinate Count Hagenmiller, two fellow CIA agents turn on him and try to assassinate him. Mitch only survives this unexpected attack because he's wearing body armor. He follows clues from his would-be killers and the clues lead him to Peter Cameron, an ex-CIA agent. When he gets to Cameron, though, he finds Cameron dead.

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