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Vince Flynn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 31-35.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Freidman does NOT receive the e-mail message he is expecting from Milan, what does Freidman fear must have happened?
(a) His Internet server is down.
(b) Rosenthal might be dead.
(c) Rosenthal has been arrested.
(d) His computer's hard drive has failed.

2. What is Mark Ellis' financial status?
(a) He's a millionaire.
(b) He's bankrupt.
(c) He's a working class man barely making a living.
(d) He's a billionaire.

3. In Chapter Eight, what does Rudin ask Clark to help him find?
(a) A running mate for the next election.
(b) The identity of Peter Cameron's killer.
(c) The name of a CIA mole.
(d) Evidence of Irene Kennedy's corruption.

4. When Mitch and Donatella leave the restaurant in Chapter Twenty-One, why does Mitch walk on the left and Donatella on the right?
(a) Mitch is superstitious about always being on the left.
(b) So they can reach their guns easier if needed.
(c) So they can hold hands.
(d) It's the custom in Milan for men and women to do so.

5. What kind of help does Clark offer to provide Rudin?
(a) Financial help.
(b) Congressional help.
(c) Help evading the media.
(d) A referral to someone skilled at uncovering secrets.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter Fourteen, why does Marc Rosenthal arrive in Milan?

2. Where does Chapter One take place?

3. Why doesn't Irene use CIA men to guard Donatella?

4. What do the President and his advisers decide to do about Saddam Hussein's project with Park Chow Lee?

5. Who does Mark Ellis visit in Chapter One?

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