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Vince Flynn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 26-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter Twelve, why doesn't Hank Clark want to risk a divorce from his third wife?
(a) His wife's father is a mobster who would kill him.
(b) His wife has lots of friends in the media.
(c) His wife would ruin him financially.
(d) The scandal could ruin his chance for becoming President.

2. What is Donatella's reaction when Mitch surprises her at her office?
(a) She embraces him & seems genuinely pleased to see him.
(b) She summons security to escort him back out.
(c) She throws a vase at him and screams at him to get out.
(d) She refuses to see him.

3. What does Mitch purchase for Donatella in Chapter Sixteen before surprising her in her office?
(a) A magazine.
(b) A bottle of French perfume.
(c) A bouquet of yellow roses.
(d) An umbrella.

4. What aspect of Mitch's career does Anna like least because it reminds her of her childhood worries about her father?
(a) The low pay.
(b) The danger.
(c) The long hours.
(d) The exposure to inclement weather.

5. In Chapter Eleven, what is the physical description given for General Flood?
(a) He is six feet four and weighs almost three hundred pounds.
(b) He has thick black glasses and a dark mustache.
(c) He has a big nose and a scar on his left cheek.
(d) He is short, thin, and balding.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Freidman tell the assassin assigned to kill Donatella to take a team with him rather than making it a solo job?

2. Who is Mitch flying to Milan to meet?

3. Why doesn't Donatella want to tell Mitch who hired her to kill Cameron?

4. What is the name of Mitch's dog?

5. Why does Anna break up with Mitch at the end of Chapter Twenty-Seven?

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