Separation of Power Fun Activities

Vince Flynn
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Cast a Movie

Imagine you're a movie director casting a movie version of Separation of Power. Which actors and actresses would you choose for each role, and why? Be prepared to share your answers and the reasons you chose each actor with the rest of the class.

Compose a Coded Message

In Chapter Twenty-One of Separation of Power, Mitch speaks in code to Donatella to alert her that a man in a car is watching them. Create a code and write a coded message from Mitch to Donatella or from Donatella to Mitch. Write the interpretation of the message below the coded message, and share both versions of your message with the rest of the class.

Create a Collage

Create a collage to illustrate a character or scene from Separation of Power.

Create a Map

Create a map of the Baghdad hospital Mitch infiltrates in Chapter Forty-Four or...

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