Separation of Power Character Descriptions

Vince Flynn
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Mitch Rapp

This character is the main character of the novel, a 32-year-old known counter-terrorist working for the CIA.

Hank Clark

This character is a Republican senator.

Anna Rielly

This character is a news reporter with NBC and is also the main character's love interest.

Albert Rudin

This character is a Democrat with a personal vendetta against the CIA. This character thinks the CIA is unconstitutional and is determined to force them to straighten their act.

Irene Kennedy

This character is the Director of the CIA.

President Hayes

This character is a highly popular Democratic President.

Donatella Rahn

This character is a former catwalk model turned deadly assassin.

Ben Freidman

This character is the Mossad leader.

David Rosenthal

This character is the assassin hired to kill the former model-turned-assassin.

General Flood

This character is the President's military adviser.

Jonathan Brown

This character is a former judge.

Norb Steveken

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