Sellevision Fun Activities

Augusten Burroughs
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Imagine that you are the casting director for the film version of Sellevision. Select actors for 5 of the following characters: Howard; Max; Bebe; Peggy Jean; Trish; Leigh; Eliot; John; Ricky; Adam. Explain your selections.

Places, Everyone!

With at least two of your classmates, select a scene from the novel. Write a short (no more than 5 minutes) script based on the scene. In appropriate costumes, act out the scene in front of your class or record it. Note: no scenes that involve nudity should be selected!

Ready, Set, Draw!

Check out some graphic novels from the library and study the drawing style as well as the storytelling style. Note what types of plots seem best suited for the graphic novel format. Taking what you have learned, select a scene from Sellevision and create your own mini graphic novel. Drawing ability is not as important as following the conventions...

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