Sellevision Character Descriptions

Augusten Burroughs
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Max Andrews - This character, who loves being on camera, is one of the most popular hosts on Sellevision until an accidental incident of indecent exposure during a live broadcast leads to the character being fired.

Peggy Jean Smythe - This character, one of the most popular hosts on Sellevision, is very self-conscious and eventually becomes addicted to alcohol and painkillers as a way of coping with stress.

Bebe Friedman - This popular Sellevision host, who is addicted to shopping, is proposed to during a broadcast.

Howard Toast - This character is the executive producer of Sellevision who is fired as a result of an affair with a co-worker being announced during a broadcast.

Leigh Bushmoore - This character is one of the up-and-coming hosts who is having an affair with another channel employee and announces that affair during a live broadcast.

Trish Mission - The...

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