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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Red Leaves.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the Indian Chief in 'Red Leaves' get slaves to begin with?
(a) To hunt.
(b) All of these.
(c) To clear land.
(d) To cook meals.

2. What does the older brother do for his younger brother before he leaves for training?
(a) Pinches his cheeks.
(b) Scolds him.
(c) Slaps him.
(d) Kisses him.

3. What does the author describe as lidless at the end of 'Dry September'?
(a) Trees.
(b) The moon.
(c) Stars.
(d) Justice.

4. What do the Indians in 'Red Leaves' say smells different among different races?
(a) Love.
(b) Respect.
(c) Fear.
(d) All of these.

5. Where are most of the stories of Emily told?
(a) Her father's funeral.
(b) Her funeral.
(c) Her birthday party.
(d) Her wedding.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old was Emily when she died?

2. What was found in the locked room after Emily's death?

3. What was Miss Emily's last name in 'A Rose for Emily'?

4. How many shots does Snopes's son hear after he announces that a barn is burning?

5. What is the name of the older brother in 'Two Soldiers'?

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