Objects & Places from Selected Short Stories

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Yoknapataphaw Countyappears in Barn Burning

This is the imaginary place in the American South where many of Faulkner's stories and novels are set. It is somewhere in Mississippi, but not on any map.

Memphisappears in Two Soldiers

This is the urban beacon for folks hoping to make a better life or to escape the horrors of life in a small southern town.

Jeffersonappears in A Rose for Emily

This is a small town in Mississippi.

Ice plantappears in Dry September

This is where Will Mayes works as watchman. It is from here that the young black man is kidnapped by a gang of racists, shackled, and executed for a crime he didn't commit.

Pistolappears in Dry September

This is the weapon used by McLendon to murder the black man, Will Mayes.

Torpedo Boat XOOIappears in Turnabout

This is the small, fast British vessel used to attack enemy ships...

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