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Short Answer Questions

1. What oddity of appearance had the captain affected all the fifth day of traveling?

2. When does someone come close to discovering Legatt?

3. Where did the steward hang the wet coat?

4. How does the skipper of the Sephora describe Leggatt?

5. What is Erebus?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In stark contrast to the unnamed captain and Leggatt, the former chief mate of the Sephora, Captain Archbold and the unnamed chief mate of the unnamed ship are similarly paralleled, but not at all similar in character. Compose a thoughtful essay which examines these two characters in relation to the whole of the story. What function, in terms of the story's plot, do the incompetent men serve? How are they alike to one another in this functionality? What is significant about their parallelism? How is this demonstrated in the text?

Essay Topic 2

The murder Legatt is accused of committing happened under unusual circumstances. Did Legatt intend to murder the person? From the information the author gives, is Legatt truly guilty of murder? Give your reasons discussing why or why not.

Essay Topic 3

We often think of politics in relation to governments. However, there are often workplace politics. What was the political structure of a typical ship's crew during the time period in which the story is set? What factors or situations in the book impact the ship's politics? Describe the events and their impact on the politics between ships and between members of the crew.

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