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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the captain share Legatt's secret with?

2. What does the chief mate postulate as the fate of Leggatt after the crew from the Sephora leaves the unnamed ship?

3. What does the captain say to the Sephora's skipper is the cause of his being hard of hearing?

4. For what does the captain reproach his second after the former puts the ship on the other tack?

5. What direction, relative to the captain, does the white object drift?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the situation in which Legatt is almost discovered. Why is this a crucial part of the story, even though Legatt is not actually found?

Essay Topic 2

An important concept of the book, against which both the captain and Leggatt struggle, is that of destiny. Compose an essay which thoughtfully examines the destinies of the two men and how they strike out for new ones. What was Leggatt's prior destiny? What was the captain's? How many times does the captain's change? How does the captain's change? What is unusual about changing one's destiny? How do the two men accomplish this unique task? What is the final destiny of Leggatt?

Essay Topic 3

Legatt and the captain go to extreme measures in order to keep Legatt's presence a secret. They do this at a risk to both of their lives. Why? What is it about both men that makes them feel this way? Give specific examples from the book.

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