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Part 1

• The unnamed captain, who is also the narrator, describes the Gulf of Siam.

• The story is told from the captain's point of view, so the reader never gets his name.

• The story opens with him aboard his new ship describing the scenery.

• There is a sense of starting a new journey.

• The captain briefly introduces his main officers who are a chief mate and a second mate.

• The chief mate is described as having an abundant amount of whiskers, being a comical character, and being someone who finds it necessary to find a logical reason for everything.

• The second mate is described as being young, round-cheeked, quiet, serious, and wise beyond his years.

• The captain describes the feelings of uncertainty experienced on his first command.

• The captain has only been a captain for two weeks prior to coming aboard the ship.

• He is the odd ball because...

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