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Short Answer Questions

1. When asked, what is it that the secretary of state is told that makes it unnecessary to incarcerate the person he is concerned about?

2. What is Stevie's reaction when he later talks to the cab driver and learns of his plight in caring for four children and wife while having to do cab work at night?

3. When Mrs. Verloc looked back into the parlor where Mr. Verloc was dead, how did he appear to her?

4. Specifically, what is it Winnie offers in exchange for Ossipon's assistance in escape on the evening of Mr. Verloc's demise?

5. What does Winnie think about Mr. Verloc and Stevie when she last saw them together?

Short Essay Questions

1. What name does Mrs. Verloc refer to Ossipon by and why does it excite him?

2. What does Mr. Verloc attempt to stress to his wife regarding the death of her sibling?

3. What three things surprise Mr. Verloc upon his return from his ten days away?

4. Where does the assistant commissioner go for his evening meal and what catches his attention?

5. What is the opening scene of Chapter 11once Chief Inspector Heat has departed the Verloc home?

6. What is the assistant commissioner's primary goal in briefing Sir Ethelred?

7. At the beginning of Chapter 10, which fish are used in the discussion concerning the level of importance of the political figure to be caught?

8. What are two objections Mrs. Verloc has toward Mrs. Neale?

9. What action does Mr. Verloc take when Mrs. Verloc goes upstairs following her confrontation with him in the kitchen after she learned of Stevie's death?

10. Identify the individual the assistant commissioner is speaking with at the close of Chapter 10 and what says that might be a quote from his own subordinate.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 3, Stevie is able to listen to the International Red Committee members' discussion in the parlor from his position in the adjoining kitchen. Conrad allows the reader to know that Stevie is easily upset by so much as a description of cruelty toward others. This foreshadows his reactions to subsequent events. Examine what transpires in this chapter which lays the foundation for this matter in Conrad's tale. Follow it through to the conclusion of Stevie's role in Adolf Verloc's plot.

Essay Topic 2

Ossipon is introduced in Chapter 3 during the meeting in Mr. Verloc's parlor. The professor is introduced when he is met by chance by Ossipon at the Silenus beer-hall in Chapter 4. The pair are detailed at length through their encounter in this chapter. At the end of the novel the pair again go to the Silenus. Explore and compare each of these character's dispositions, what changes have occurred by the final chapter, and why.

Essay Topic 3

One of a variety of themes which run through Conrad's novel is social reform and terrorist acts. Examine and compare the different character's views of this topic. Include the members of the International Red Committee, the professor, Chief Inspector Heat, the assistant commissioner, and the secretary of state. Consider how Conrad uses this theme through his novel.

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