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Short Answer Questions

1. When he does arrive at the home of his wife's friend on the evening of the Greenwich Park blast, whom does the assistant commissioner find is a guest?

2. What does Mr. Verloc attempt to convince his wife of concerning their relationship in their conversation after Heat departs their home?

3. When it becomes apparent during their confrontation that Winnie wants to leave him, what does Mr. Verloc say to get a response from her?

4. Once the Assistant Commissioner arrives at the reported center of the empire, there are several constables who do what upon seeing him departing the vehicle?

5. On the evening of Stevie's death, when Winnie goes upstairs, what does her husband think she is going to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the assistant commissioner do after completing his visit with the secretary of state?

2. Where does the assistant commissioner go for his evening meal and what catches his attention?

3. What are two objections Mrs. Verloc has toward Mrs. Neale?

4. Shortly after murdering Mr. Verloc, which individual does Winnie encounter in the street offering his assistance, and why is it ironic?

5. What name does Mrs. Verloc refer to Ossipon by and why does it excite him?

6. What exchange takes place between Mr. and Mrs. Verloc on the afternoon he returns from his out-of-country trip, when he announces he is interested in taking a walk?

7. What does Mr. Verloc attempt to stress to his wife regarding the death of her sibling?

8. Describe what is compared to the sound of an insane clock at the conclusion of Chapter 11?

9. How does Chapter 8 conclude with regard to Mrs. Neale?

10. What action does Mr. Verloc take when Mrs. Verloc goes upstairs following her confrontation with him in the kitchen after she learned of Stevie's death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The professor is never identified beyond his nickname, however, his character is a significant one in the story. Examine his encounter initially with Ossipon in Chapter 4 and once again in Chapter 13. Examine the professor's personality before and subsequent to the bomb explosion, and compare it to Ossipon's before and subsequent to the death of Winnie.

Essay Topic 2

Joseph Conrad uses the technique of foreshadowing throughout his text to suggest specific events that will transpire in later chapters. The nature of the Verloc's pornography shop revealed in Chapter 1, for instance, suggests they cross the line of respectability and not everything they engage in is legal. This foreshadows illegal activities in which Mr. Verloc will be engaged in later chapters. Examine five similar examples of where the author has used this technique of foreshadowing.

Essay Topic 3

One of a variety of themes which run through Conrad's novel is social reform and terrorist acts. Examine and compare the different character's views of this topic. Include the members of the International Red Committee, the professor, Chief Inspector Heat, the assistant commissioner, and the secretary of state. Consider how Conrad uses this theme through his novel.

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