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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Winnie explain to Stevie about the purpose of the police when he states they should do something for the poor?

2. What is Mr. Verloc's reaction to his mother-in-law's decision to move out?

3. On the evening she learns of Stevies' death, what happens when Winnie comes downstairs dressed in black, including a veil and small purse as though she is going out?

4. What agitates Stevie at breakfast on the morning Mr. Verloc returns from his trip?

5. What is the assistant commissioner's response to the secretary of state's decision to have Heat removed from the investigation of the Greenwich Park explosion?

Short Essay Questions

1. What name does Mrs. Verloc refer to Ossipon by and why does it excite him?

2. What is the opening scene of Chapter 11once Chief Inspector Heat has departed the Verloc home?

3. What does the assistant commissioner do after completing his visit with the secretary of state?

4. What are two objections Mrs. Verloc has toward Mrs. Neale?

5. What action does Mr. Verloc take when Mrs. Verloc goes upstairs following her confrontation with him in the kitchen after she learned of Stevie's death?

6. Describe what is compared to the sound of an insane clock at the conclusion of Chapter 11?

7. What is Mr. Verloc's disposition at the beginning of Chapter 9?

8. Describe what Mrs. Verloc's mother is doing at the start of Chapter 8 and what is motivating her?

9. What does the assistant commissioner do upon completion of his meeting with Sir Ethelred, and what does he encounter?

10. What is it the cab driver complains about at the house and what is the sibling's reaction?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mr. Verloc fears the consequences of failing to satisfy his superiors. Consider in detail this and other instances of Conrad's use of the theme of fear in his story.

Essay Topic 2

Adolf Verloc is found to be a French spy by the second chapter. But it is not until Chapter 6 that the reader learns he has also been an informant for Chief Inspector Heat. By the end of Chapter 5 it is know that the bomb victim was not Heat as thought possible in Chapter 4, but who is it then? Examine how Conrad uses surprise and secrecy throughout his novel.

Essay Topic 3

One of a variety of themes which run through Conrad's novel is social reform and terrorist acts. Examine and compare the different character's views of this topic. Include the members of the International Red Committee, the professor, Chief Inspector Heat, the assistant commissioner, and the secretary of state. Consider how Conrad uses this theme through his novel.

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