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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of transportation have Winnie and Ossipon chosen to take on the evening of Mr. Verloc's death?

2. As they prepare to escape from Lonaon, how much of Mr. Verloc's money does Winnie give to Ossipon, and what does she tell him aids in the use of it?

3. In Chapter 10, what is the initial destination the Assistant Commissioner goes to for the second time that evening?

4. What is the assistant commissioner's response to the secretary of state's decision to have Heat removed from the investigation of the Greenwich Park explosion?

5. On the evening of Stevie's death, when Winnie goes upstairs, what does her husband think she is going to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is described as being what Mrs. Verloc fears most in the beginning of Chapter 12?

2. What are two objections Mrs. Verloc has toward Mrs. Neale?

3. What name does Mrs. Verloc refer to Ossipon by and why does it excite him?

4. What is it the cab driver complains about at the house and what is the sibling's reaction?

5. What does the assistant commissioner do upon completion of his meeting with Sir Ethelred, and what does he encounter?

6. What is the opening scene of Chapter 11once Chief Inspector Heat has departed the Verloc home?

7. What does Mrs. Verloc's sibling do when a cab driver whips his horse on the ride over to the charity home? Why does her sibling reaction in this way?

8. Identify the individual the assistant commissioner is speaking with at the close of Chapter 10 and what says that might be a quote from his own subordinate.

9. Describe what Mrs. Verloc's mother is doing at the start of Chapter 8 and what is motivating her?

10. Where does the assistant commissioner go for his evening meal and what catches his attention?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The professor is never identified beyond his nickname, however, his character is a significant one in the story. Examine his encounter initially with Ossipon in Chapter 4 and once again in Chapter 13. Examine the professor's personality before and subsequent to the bomb explosion, and compare it to Ossipon's before and subsequent to the death of Winnie.

Essay Topic 2

Another theme Conrad uses is that of trust. For example, Mrs. Verloc must trust in order for her brother and mother to be accepted into her husband's home. Examine how Conrad runs this theme of trust throughout his novel through other examples.

Essay Topic 3

Joseph Conrad uses the technique of foreshadowing throughout his text to suggest specific events that will transpire in later chapters. The nature of the Verloc's pornography shop revealed in Chapter 1, for instance, suggests they cross the line of respectability and not everything they engage in is legal. This foreshadows illegal activities in which Mr. Verloc will be engaged in later chapters. Examine five similar examples of where the author has used this technique of foreshadowing.

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