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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Winnie learn Stevie was killed in the bombing earlier that day at Greenwich Park?

2. What concerns Winnie when her brother is outside with Mr. Verloc in Chapter 9?

3. When Mrs. Verloc looked back into the parlor where Mr. Verloc was dead, how did he appear to her?

4. After stabbing Mr Verloc, Winnie's reaction is to what?

5. What is Winnie concerned about while Mr. Verloc is on his trip in Chapter 9?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the assistant commissioner watching at the conclusion of Chapter 7 and what does he observe?

2. What is the opening scene of Chapter 11once Chief Inspector Heat has departed the Verloc home?

3. What is described as being what Mrs. Verloc fears most in the beginning of Chapter 12?

4. What does Mrs. Verloc's sibling do when a cab driver whips his horse on the ride over to the charity home? Why does her sibling reaction in this way?

5. When Ossipon jumps from the moving train and abandons Mrs. Verloc with no funds, what does he tell the railway workers who gather around him?

6. What does the assistant commissioner do after completing his visit with the secretary of state?

7. How does Chapter 8 conclude with regard to Mrs. Neale?

8. Identify the individual the assistant commissioner is speaking with at the close of Chapter 10 and what says that might be a quote from his own subordinate.

9. What does Mr. Verloc attempt to stress to his wife regarding the death of her sibling?

10. Shortly after murdering Mr. Verloc, which individual does Winnie encounter in the street offering his assistance, and why is it ironic?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapters 9-13, Conrad introduces into the plot numerous ironic twists of fate involving the Verlocs and Ossipon. Please describe these twists and the irony involved. Examine how Conrad uses any other ironies within his tale.

Essay Topic 2

Examine the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Verloc. What motivates each of them to get married? Why is it they stay together? What are the ironies of their relationship? Examine their marriage coming apart at the death of Stevie.

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 3, Stevie is able to listen to the International Red Committee members' discussion in the parlor from his position in the adjoining kitchen. Conrad allows the reader to know that Stevie is easily upset by so much as a description of cruelty toward others. This foreshadows his reactions to subsequent events. Examine what transpires in this chapter which lays the foundation for this matter in Conrad's tale. Follow it through to the conclusion of Stevie's role in Adolf Verloc's plot.

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