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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After assuring Winnie that things will turn out all right in their escape, what does Ossipon do?
(a) He jumps, fearing being caught aiding Winnie, and leaves the money with her.
(b) As Winnie is exhausted, he allows her to fall asleep while he watches over her.
(c) He jumps, but takes only a relatively small amount of money along with him.
(d) He jumps, taking all of Mr. Verloc's money along with him and leaving Winnie behind.

2. What is the assistant commissioner's action with the secretary of state's private secretary early in the evening of the Greenwich Park bombing?
(a) He accepts his hat and outer coat that he took off upon arrival, and utters only a quick word of thanks before departing.
(b) He arranges a note be sent to his wife regarding his inability that evening to accompany her to the home of her friend for dinner.
(c) They exchange a few brief comments on the case and a current bill concerning fisheries before the assistant commissioner departs.
(d) He accepts several more cigars and they exchange a few brief comments on a national sporting team before he departs.

3. Specifically, what is it Winnie offers in exchange for Ossipon's assistance in escape on the evening of Mr. Verloc's demise?
(a) Money.
(b) Her body and her love.
(c) Bomb components.
(d) The shop and residence.

4. Why does Mrs. Verloc's mother wish to move into a charity home?
(a) To ensure while she is still alive that Stevie will be taken care of for the remainder of his life, rather than encounter the issue on her deathbed.
(b) She is nearing the end of her life and no longer wants to be a drain on her children.
(c) She dislikes how Mr. Verloc treats Stevie and feels compelled to live elsewhere, but cannot afford to.
(d) She feels in the way at the Verloc residence and believes relations between her children and Mr. Verloc will run more smoothly with her living elsewhere.

5. In Chapter 10, what is the initial destination the Assistant Commissioner goes to for the second time that evening?
(a) He goes first to his office to type his official report so Heat will be outshone when he arrives for work in the morning.
(b) He goes first to the secretary of state to report his progress in the investigation.
(c) He goes first to the Italian restaurant for dessert and a glass of vermouth as a reward to himself in the case.
(d) He first searches out Mr. Vladimir promptly for the second time that evening now that he can establish his days as an anarchist are over.

6. Following a verbal confrontation between Winnie and Mr. Verloc on the evening she learns of Stevie's death, what does her Mr. Verloc presume?
(a) He is convinced he will be going to prison soon, and Winnie will need to operate the shop.
(b) She needs to make herself ready so they may depart at a moment's notice.
(c) He will be arrested soon if they do not sell the shop quickly and leave the country.
(d) He is convinced he will be going to court soon, and Winnie will need to operate the shop.

7. What is Mr. Verloc's reaction to his mother-in-law's decision to move out?
(a) While there is one less mouth to feed, it bothers him that there is also one less to aid in Stevie's care.
(b) It does not actually matter much to him, and he is relatively unaffected.
(c) He is troubled only because Winnie has made it clear she is very concerned.
(d) He is grateful there is but one of his wife's family he now must be concerned.

8. In addition to being aware that Winnie's mother left, what else is Mr. Verloc's reaction to the domestic troubles in his home?
(a) While concerned, he is trusting Winnie will resolve them.
(b) He is mainly oblivious.
(c) He approaches Winnie in an attempt to resolve them.
(d) He tells Winnie to hire a neighbor to clean and he will help too.

9. Which type of fish does the assistant commissioner eventually tell Private Secretary Toodles he is pursuing in connection with the Greenwich Park bombing case on the evening of that incident?
(a) A sardine.
(b) A whale.
(c) A minnow.
(d) A dog-fish.

10. What reason does the assistant commissioner give the secretary of state to have Heat removed from the investigation of that explosion?
(a) Heat's opinion regarding the matter is too jaded to pursue the case satisfactorily.
(b) There are other investigators under his authority with neutral views who would be better suited to pursue the case.
(c) The case is much too sensitive and may explode into a national matter.
(d) Heat has expressed his opinion that the case is unimportant since the bomber was killed and is no longer a threat.

11. How does Winnie learn Stevie was killed in the bombing earlier that day at Greenwich Park?
(a) Winnie determines herself it was Stevie as her husband returned late without him and was acting strangely.
(b) Winnie listened through the keyhole between the parlor and the kitchen when Heat interviewed her husband.
(c) When Heat figures out it was Winnie's brother who was killed, he then delivers this news to her in person.
(d) Heat shows her Stevie's overcoat name tag and she reads the newspaper article about the bombing.

12. In Chapter 9, when does Mr. Verloc return from his trip?
(a) Two weeks later.
(b) Ten days later.
(c) A month later.
(d) A week later.

13. When he does arrive at the home of his wife's friend on the evening of the Greenwich Park blast, whom does the assistant commissioner find is a guest?
(a) The secretary of state.
(b) Mr. Vladimir.
(c) Privy Councillor Wurmt.
(d) Chief Inspector Heat.

14. What is Stevie's reaction when the cab driver starts whipping the horse during the ride to his mother's charity home?
(a) Stevie covers his eyes and screams for the driver to stop.
(b) Stevie attempts to pry the whip from the cab driver's hand
(c) Stevie becomes upset and attempts to climb down and walk.
(d) Stevie climbs down and refuses to get back on the cab.

15. When briefed, what is the secretary of state told was the intended bombing target?
(a) The Greenwich Observatory.
(b) The area bombed in Greenwich Park.
(c) The Greenwich tram station.
(d) The main square in Greenwich.

Short Answer Questions

1. Comrade Ossipon appears in the vicinity of the Verloc residence on the night of Mr. Verloc's death and finds Mrs. Verloc appearing in what condition to him?

2. Who does the assistant commissioner find outside the Verloc pornography shop on the evening of the Greenwich Park bombing?

3. How does Mr. Verloc feel upon returning from his trip taken shortly after his mother-in-law moved into a charity home?

4. As they prepare to escape from Lonaon, how much of Mr. Verloc's money does Winnie give to Ossipon, and what does she tell him aids in the use of it?

5. When Mrs. Verloc looked back into the parlor where Mr. Verloc was dead, how did he appear to her?

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