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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the evening she learns of Stevies' death, what happens when Winnie comes downstairs dressed in black, including a veil and small purse as though she is going out?
(a) Her husband advises Winnie she may go out that evening, but only if he escorts her.
(b) Her husband advises Winnie she shall not go out that evening, not even to advise her mother regarding Stevie.
(c) Her husband advises Winnie she shall only go out that evening to advise her mother regarding Stevie, and then only if he escorts her.
(d) Her husband advises Winnie she shall not go out that evening, except to advise her mother regarding Stevie.

2. On the evening of Stevie's death after Winnie has gone upstairs, what happens when Mr. Verloc enters his parlor and finds the meal his wife prepared earlier laid out?
(a) Mr. Verloc sees the meal, becomes upset at the sight, and carries it into the kitchen, leaving the carving knife behind on a plate.
(b) Mr. Verloc skips the meal, goes upstairs, and continues attempting to convince Winnie he deeply loves her.
(c) Mr. Verloc suddenly becomes very hungry and eats quickly, leaving the arving knife on a plate.
(d) Mr. Verloc is not at all hungry given the death of Stevie, and the sight of the meal disturbs him.

3. In addition to being aware that Winnie's mother left, what else is Mr. Verloc's reaction to the domestic troubles in his home?
(a) He is mainly oblivious.
(b) While concerned, he is trusting Winnie will resolve them.
(c) He tells Winnie to hire a neighbor to clean and he will help too.
(d) He approaches Winnie in an attempt to resolve them.

4. What does Winnie silently promise herself after Stevie's encounter with the cab driver?
(a) That she will somehow come up with enough money so her mother can leave the charity home.
(b) That once her mother returns her entire family will never want for anything or be poor.
(c) That her brother will never want for anything he needs or be poor.
(d) That she will ensure her brother never moves from her home.

5. How do Winnie and Ossipon plan to make their way to the point of departure in their escape from London?
(a) Together, with Winnie wearing her hood over her head.
(b) Together.
(c) Separately, with Winnie wearing her veil and Ossipon wearing his hat down low.
(d) Separately.

6. Why does Mrs. Verloc's mother wish to move into a charity home?
(a) She feels in the way at the Verloc residence and believes relations between her children and Mr. Verloc will run more smoothly with her living elsewhere.
(b) She is nearing the end of her life and no longer wants to be a drain on her children.
(c) To ensure while she is still alive that Stevie will be taken care of for the remainder of his life, rather than encounter the issue on her deathbed.
(d) She dislikes how Mr. Verloc treats Stevie and feels compelled to live elsewhere, but cannot afford to.

7. On the evening of Stevie's death, when Winnie goes upstairs, what does her husband think she is going to do?
(a) Write a note to her mother.
(b) Prepare to leave.
(c) Bathe.
(d) Rest.

8. What does Winnie think about Mr. Verloc and Stevie when she last saw them together?
(a) How much they appeared like a father and his son together.
(b) How much they appeared like a grandfather and his grandson together.
(c) How much they appeared like her husband and one of his peculiar friends together.
(d) How much they appeared like an older and a younger brother together.

9. What concerns Winnie when her brother is outside with Mr. Verloc in Chapter 9?
(a) That her brother will attempt to run away and get to his mother's charity home at his first chane.
(b) The things Stevie will hear, and that they will encounter Mr. Verloc's friends.
(c) That her brother will actually get lost and be unable to find his way back home.
(d) That Steve will encounter extremely bad weather and get deathly ill as a result.

10. After stabbing Mr Verloc, Winnie's reaction is to what?
(a) To begin sobbing uncontrolably and fall to her knees beside Mr. Verloc's body.
(b) To let out a loud scream, faint, and fall to the floor.
(c) To make no sound at all beyond gathering her purse and walking calmly to the door.
(d) To let out a faint shriek, snatch quickly at her skirts, and run to the door.

11. What is the secretary of state's response to the assistant commissioner's request to have Heat removed from the investigation of the Greenwich Park explosion?
(a) He dismisses Heat and directs the assistant commissioner to report back to him that same night.
(b) He dismisses Heat and directs the Assistant Commissioner to assign other investigators under his direct supervision to the case.
(c) He retains Heat on the case and directs the assistant commissioner to participate in the investigation personally as well.
(d) He dismisses Heat and directs the assistant commissioner to report back to him within forty-eight hours.

12. When asked, what is it that the secretary of state is told that makes it unnecessary to incarcerate the person he is concerned about?
(a) The subject has a spouse who will not leave the country.
(b) The subject will not leave in hopes of reducing potential punishment.
(c) The subject has no place to go to without being found and then incurring further problems.
(d) The subject will not leave their professional responsibilities.

13. To which neighborhood does the Assistant Commissioner travel quickly by hansom from Soho on the evening of the Greenwich Park blast?
(a) Westminster.
(b) Buckingham.
(c) Lancaster.
(d) Greenwich Park.

14. What does Mr. Verloc attempt to convince his wife of concerning their relationship in their conversation after Heat departs their home?
(a) How deeply in love he is with her and will do anything to make Winnie's loss up to her.
(b) How they will be able to sell the shop and live freely in the country without further troubles as he has been granted immunity for his testimony.
(c) How deeply in love he is with her and that should be sufficient for now.
(d) That he has done everything he could to support her and her family and that should be sufficient.

15. How long before the bombing does Winnie's mother move from the Verloc residence into the charity home?
(a) Approximately a year.
(b) A couple of days.
(c) Several months.
(d) A few weeks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Winnie request of her husband in response to his decision to go outside on the afternoon of his first day back from his trip?

2. What is the reason Mr. Verloc offers for Stevie accompanying him on a little country vacation?

3. When it becomes apparent during their confrontation that Winnie wants to leave him, what does Mr. Verloc say to get a response from her?

4. In Chapter 10, what is the initial destination the Assistant Commissioner goes to for the second time that evening?

5. In chapter 7, what does the assistant commissioner ensure when he returns to his office following his evening meeting with the secretary of state?

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