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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where in Mr. Verloc's residence does the meeting of the International Red Committee take place?
(a) In a back room.
(b) In the parlor.
(c) In the basement.
(d) In a room over his pornography shop.

2. What happens after Mr. Verloc and Winnie marry?
(a) Mr. Verloc moves in with Winnie's family, and he assumes responsibility for their existing business.
(b) The business operated by Winnie and her family is closed, and Mr. Verloc assumes responsibility for her family.
(c) Winnie and Mr. Verloc open their new business while her family maintains an existing one.
(d) Winnie and Mr. Verloc operate his existing business, and her family continues an existing one.

3. What route does Red Committee group member Michaelis say is the answer to the current social ills?
(a) Bombing of scientific institutions.
(b) Emotion and riotous action are essential and knowledge is unhelpful.
(c) Patience and action through the arts, sciences, and education.
(d) Maintaining a stable economic status.

4. Where did Heat have his initial encounter with Mr. Verloc some time ago?
(a) In Mr. Verloc's shop.
(b) In French Ambassador Baron Stott-Wartenheim's bathroom.
(c) In German Ambassador Baron Stott-Wartenheim's bathroom.
(d) In Greenwich Park.

5. As he investigates the Greenwich Park explosion, what is Heat's reaction when he initially eyes the professor?
(a) Heat believes someone else is culpable and dismisses him.
(b) Heat dismisses him, declaring he has no interest in him today.
(c) Heat believes this individual is in no way connected to the explosion and dismisses him.
(d) Heat is certain no bomber would have survived the explosion and does not feel this individual is involved.

6. What are the Red Committee members doing during their meeting?
(a) Discussing Mr. Verloc's previous meeting with Mr. Vladimir.
(b) Discussing capitalism and socialism.
(c) Developing plans for assembling a bomb.
(d) Discussing the ideal target for a bombing.

7. What is Mr. Wurmt initially carrying in his meeting with Mr. Verloc?
(a) An armload of reports.
(b) An armload of maps and drawings.
(c) An armload of newspapers.
(d) An armload of money.

8. Where is Mr. Verloc's shop located?
(a) In a shop one block from his brick home.
(b) Toward the front of his small, brick home.
(c) Toward the front of his large, stone home.
(d) It covers the entire first floor of his frame home.

9. Which phrase best describes Mr. Verloc?
(a) A self-centered, lazy individual.
(b) A shy, caring soul.
(c) A selfless, hard-working man.
(d) A tireless, caring person.

10. How is the assistant commissioner feeling about his decision to take his new law enforcement position in London?
(a) He is happily settled in.
(b) He is not happily settled in, but does not miss the hassle of conducting investigations.
(c) He is not happily settled in.
(d) He is happily settled in, but does miss the satisfaction of closing investigations with convictions of criminals.

11. Which nation is Mr. Vladimir an agent for?
(a) France.
(b) Russia.
(c) Germany.
(d) Great Britain.

12. What is it the professor tells Ossipon he must sometimes do in seeking his goal?
(a) Skip meals for a day or two, as bomb components are expensive.
(b) Seek funds from revolutionary groups.
(c) Work various extra jobs to pay for bomb components.
(d) Rent a very small apartment and scrimp on money.

13. What does Mr. Verloc do when he returns home immediately after the meeting with Mr. Vladimir in which he learns his monthly income checks are in jeopardy.
(a) He seeks advice from Stevie on the matter.
(b) He enjoys a big homemade dinner and speaks in an unconcerned manner with his family.
(c) He sulks and worries.
(d) He goes to a local tavern after dinner for a couple of glasses of beer.

14. Why is Heat annoyed at having to report to his supervisors?
(a) He resents that he does the work, yet they will get the credit.
(b) He wants to be left alone, but needs some assistance nonetheless.
(c) He is rushed for time and does not like to submit to them.
(d) Heat received no aid from them to reach his current position and he resents they no longer directly investigate.

15. The bomb The Professor carries on his person at all times is designed to kill anyone within how many feet of him?
(a) Seventy-five feet.
(b) Twenty-five feet.
(c) One hundred feet.
(d) Fifty feet.

Short Answer Questions

1. Red Committee member Ossipon expresses what opinion regarding the state of social ills?

2. What does the professor say his sole goal in life is?

3. Which member of the Red Committee expresses his opinion that Stevie is capable of becoming a criminal as he views her sibling as a degenerate?

4. A bombing of what facility does Mr. Vladimir suggest would create fear and provoke a reaction toward change?

5. What does Mr. Verloc operate?

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