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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the professor's master skill?
(a) Painting pictures.
(b) Assisting at a college library.
(c) Preparing corpses.
(d) Constructing bombs.

2. What goal does Mr. Vladimir hope to achieve?
(a) An event that will excite London's lower working class.
(b) An event that will excite Paris's middle class.
(c) An event that will excite London's privileged upper class.
(d) An event that will excite London's middle class.

3. What does the professor tell Ossipon he will do if the police try to arrest him?
(a) Resist arrest and use his concealed pistol to shoot every police officer he can.
(b) Detonate a bomb killing everyone within fifty feet.
(c) Commit suicide by swallowing the poison he carries.
(d) Commit suicide by swallowing the poison he carries.

4. What takes place when the Red Committee discussion at the Verloc residence is finished?
(a) The four members head to the neighborhood beer-hall for a few brews.
(b) The three guest members depart to play billiards while Mr. Verloc straighten his shop.
(c) The guest members take their leave, and Mr. Verloc gratefully sees them out.
(d) The four members play cards and enjoy some cigars.

5. What is Winnie's attitude toward Stevie?
(a) Winnie is spiteful in dealing with Stevie.
(b) Winnie gives Stevie attention only when it is to her benefit.
(c) Winnie pretty much ignores Stevie.
(d) Winnie is very maternal.

6. What causes Stevie extreme difficulty in maintaining a job?
(a) Stevie is lazy and often shows up late for work.
(b) Stevie is unable to complete designated tasks
(c) Other people's view of Stevie.
(d) Stevie is defiant and refuses to follow directions.

7. What is Mr. Wurmt initially carrying in his meeting with Mr. Verloc?
(a) An armload of newspapers.
(b) An armload of reports.
(c) An armload of maps and drawings.
(d) An armload of money.

8. What happens after Mr. Verloc and Winnie marry?
(a) The business operated by Winnie and her family is closed, and Mr. Verloc assumes responsibility for her family.
(b) Winnie and Mr. Verloc open their new business while her family maintains an existing one.
(c) Winnie and Mr. Verloc operate his existing business, and her family continues an existing one.
(d) Mr. Verloc moves in with Winnie's family, and he assumes responsibility for their existing business.

9. Where do Mr. Wurmt and Mr. Verloc have their single meeting in the story?
(a) Berlin.
(b) London.
(c) Paris.
(d) Moscow.

10. What does the professor say his sole goal in life is?
(a) Construct the perfect bomb.
(b) To go down in history as the greatest bomber.
(c) To always have his true identity remain a secret.
(d) Build the perfect detonator.

11. Following the meeting of Mr. Verloc with his Red Committee friends, what does Mrs. Verloc do?
(a) She goes to bed and discovers Mr. Verloc wants to be distracted by her affection.
(b) She talks her husband into bed.
(c) She sits in the bedroom until Stevie falls asleep.
(d) She goes to bed and finds Mr. Verloc already asleep.

12. Red Committee member Ossipon expresses what opinion regarding the state of social ills?
(a) World war, not peace, is the answer, and the European Alliance Treaty Organization is useless.
(b) Emotion, not education, is the answer, and action needs to be taken.
(c) Agitation in Third World nations is an aid.
(d) Constant financial undermining of the poor is the answer.

13. Who did Heat personally assure the month prior to the Greenwich Park explosion that no terrorist acts would occur anytime soon because Heat is watching every known terrorist?
(a) The prime minister.
(b) The mayor.
(c) The secretary of state.
(d) The king.

14. Who is Mr. Wurmt?
(a) The English privy councillor.
(b) The French privy councillor.
(c) The German privy councillor.
(d) The Russian privy councillor.

15. Following the Red Committee meeting, what is Mr. Verloc's opinion regarding his earlier meeting with Mr. Vladimir?
(a) Still only slightly concerned.
(b) Feelings of pleasure with himself are reinforced.
(c) Still unconcerned.
(d) Still quite troubled.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which member of the Red Committee expresses his opinion that Stevie is capable of becoming a criminal as he views her sibling as a degenerate?

2. Heat's supervisor promptly takes which action upon hearing of Michaelis's name in connection with the Greenwich Park bomb investigation?

3. Which member of the International Red Committee rambles at the beginning of their meeting?

4. What does Mr. Verloc do when he returns home immediately after the meeting with Mr. Vladimir in which he learns his monthly income checks are in jeopardy.

5. Mr. Vladimir tells Mr. Verloc he reviewed his past reports, that they are inadequate as no action has been taken, and indicates that he views the latter's role toward achieving an explosion to be what?

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