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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Verloc do when he returns home immediately after the meeting with Mr. Vladimir in which he learns his monthly income checks are in jeopardy.
(a) He seeks advice from Stevie on the matter.
(b) He sulks and worries.
(c) He enjoys a big homemade dinner and speaks in an unconcerned manner with his family.
(d) He goes to a local tavern after dinner for a couple of glasses of beer.

2. Where does the professor initially encounter Chief Inspector Heat while the latter is conducting his inspection of the Greenwich Park explosion?
(a) In a beer hall near the professor's residence.
(b) In a Scotland Yard interrogation room.
(c) In the vicinity of Greenwich Park.
(d) In an alley between two busy streets.

3. Where did Heat have his initial encounter with Mr. Verloc some time ago?
(a) In Mr. Verloc's shop.
(b) In French Ambassador Baron Stott-Wartenheim's bathroom.
(c) In German Ambassador Baron Stott-Wartenheim's bathroom.
(d) In Greenwich Park.

4. What reaction does Heat's supervisor have upon initially hearing of Michaelis's connection with the Greenwich Park explosion investigation?
(a) He chuckles mockingly.
(b) He is irritated.
(c) He is glad.
(d) He smiles briefly.

5. Who did Heat personally assure the month prior to the Greenwich Park explosion that no terrorist acts would occur anytime soon because Heat is watching every known terrorist?
(a) The secretary of state.
(b) The mayor.
(c) The prime minister.
(d) The king.

6. While speaking with the Professor, Ossipon gains information that leads him to believe who was blown up in the Greenwich Park explosion?
(a) Michaelis.
(b) Mr. Verloc.
(c) Yundt
(d) Mrs. Verloc.

7. What does Heat do when making his incomplete, initial report on the Greenwich Park explosion to the assistant commissioner and he is pressured to open up?
(a) Heat reveals his displeasure with his supervisor and nothing more.
(b) Heat only reveals Mrs. Verloc was on the train from Maze Hill.
(c) Heat reveals the item he obtained from the coroner's office.
(d) Heat maintains he has no information about Michaelis.

8. What is Stevie's age?
(a) Older than Winnie.
(b) Infant.
(c) Middle-aged.
(d) Younger than Mr. Verloc.

9. When asked by Ossipon to describe the person who purchased the device, what is the professor's response?
(a) He provides a vague description.
(b) He provides Ossipon a first name.
(c) He provides Ossipon a surname.
(d) He provides a detailed description.

10. What does the assistant commissioner recall from his first encounter with Michaelis?
(a) That Michaelis was reluctant to tell his story about being convicted for murder.
(b) That Michaelis was very charming and articulate.
(c) That Michaelis was clearly a womanizer who drank heavily and gambled endlessly.
(d) That Michaelis was uncharming and virtually incomprehensible.

11. What is it that Ossipon wonders about for a brief time subsequent to learning of the Greenwich Park explosion and suspecting who was killed?
(a) What will the extended family of the bomb victim do?
(b) If there are any, what will happen to the bomb victim's children?
(c) What will the bomb victim's spouse now do?
(d) What will the group the bomb victim belonged to do?

12. Where do Mr. Wurmt and Mr. Verloc have their single meeting in the story?
(a) Berlin.
(b) Paris.
(c) Moscow.
(d) London.

13. Where did Mr. Verloc live before he got married?
(a) Near Trafalgar Square.
(b) In Belgravia Square.
(c) In view of the Thames River.
(d) In Greenwich Park.

14. What does Mr. Verloc operate?
(a) A butcher shop.
(b) A pornography shop.
(c) A jewelry shop.
(d) A tobacco shop.

15. What goal does Mr. Vladimir hope to achieve?
(a) An event that will excite London's lower working class.
(b) An event that will excite Paris's middle class.
(c) An event that will excite London's middle class.
(d) An event that will excite London's privileged upper class.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which member of the Red Committee expresses his opinion that Stevie is capable of becoming a criminal as he views her sibling as a degenerate?

2. Which phrase best describes Mr. Verloc?

3. What is it that the professor views as difficult?

4. What is one reason Mr. Verloc is unconcerned when he leaves his shop in the care of someone else?

5. Which phrase best describes Winnie?

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