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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Although initially insisting he works independently, the professor eventually confesses that he recently had sold what?
(a) A bomb concealed in a briefcase.
(b) A bomb concealed in a lunch basket.
(c) A bomb concealed in a varnish can.
(d) A bomb concealed in a backpack.

2. A bombing of what facility does Mr. Vladimir suggest would create fear and provoke a reaction toward change?
(a) An arts institution.
(b) A science center.
(c) A stock exchange.
(d) An embassy.

3. What is Ossipon's reaction upon learning from a paperboy of the Greenwich Park bombing?
(a) He is merely curious.
(b) He applauded the bomber.
(c) He is quite upset.
(d) He is unconcerned.

4. Following the Red Committee meeting, what is Mr. Verloc's opinion regarding his earlier meeting with Mr. Vladimir?
(a) Still unconcerned.
(b) Still only slightly concerned.
(c) Still quite troubled.
(d) Feelings of pleasure with himself are reinforced.

5. Where did Heat have his initial encounter with Mr. Verloc some time ago?
(a) In German Ambassador Baron Stott-Wartenheim's bathroom.
(b) In Mr. Verloc's shop.
(c) In French Ambassador Baron Stott-Wartenheim's bathroom.
(d) In Greenwich Park.

6. In addition to Winnie and Stevie, who else lives with Mr. Verloc?
(a) His father-in-law.
(b) His niece.
(c) His mother-in-law.
(d) His sister-in-law.

7. Subsequent to his initial encounter, how long ago did Heat first approach Mr. Verloc and offer protection of his business packages from discovery if he would provide Heat information?
(a) Nine years ago.
(b) Two years ago.
(c) Seven years ago.
(d) Five years ago.

8. What is Winnie's attitude toward Stevie?
(a) Winnie gives Stevie attention only when it is to her benefit.
(b) Winnie is spiteful in dealing with Stevie.
(c) Winnie is very maternal.
(d) Winnie pretty much ignores Stevie.

9. What is the occupation of Lombroso?
(a) Criminologist.
(b) Attorney.
(c) Psychiatrist.
(d) Psychologist.

10. Which phrase best describes Mr. Verloc?
(a) A self-centered, lazy individual.
(b) A shy, caring soul.
(c) A tireless, caring person.
(d) A selfless, hard-working man.

11. What is Ossipon's opinion of Stevie?
(a) That he is intelligent and likely to be a physician or scientist someday.
(b) That he is a degenerate, capable of becoming a criminal one day.
(c) That while not exceptionally bright, he will learn a trade and do well.
(d) That he is simple-minded, but harmless to himself or others.

12. Where do Mr. Wurmt and Mr. Verloc have their single meeting in the story?
(a) London.
(b) Paris.
(c) Berlin.
(d) Moscow.

13. Which phrase best describes Winnie?
(a) A shiftless, indolent soul.
(b) A tireless, caring person.
(c) A self-centered, hard-working woman.
(d) A lazy, shy individual.

14. What does Red Committee group member Yundt view as being cannibalistic?
(a) The constant state of economic conditions.
(b) Failing to provide social aid.
(c) Promoting and stirring riots.
(d) Action through terrorism.

15. During his conversation with the professor on the afternoon of the Greenwich Park explosion, Ossipon expresses how he was acquainted with the individual he assumes was killed and describes the person's sole talent as what?
(a) The ability of running a pornography shop.
(b) The ability of giving speeches.
(c) The ability of eluding the police.
(d) The ability of organizing Red Committee meetings.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mr. Verloc feel about the opinions expressed by his friends during their Red Committee meeting at his home?

2. What is it that the professor views as difficult?

3. Who did Heat personally assure the month prior to the Greenwich Park explosion that no terrorist acts would occur anytime soon because Heat is watching every known terrorist?

4. What is Mr. Wurmt initially carrying in his meeting with Mr. Verloc?

5. What does Heat do when making his incomplete, initial report on the Greenwich Park explosion to the assistant commissioner and he is pressured to open up?

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