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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the professor traveling while amazed at the sense of security those around him feel, unaware they could all be blown up at any time?
(a) Riding aboard a train amongst other passengers.
(b) Riding in a horse-drawn carriage down a crowded street.
(c) Walking down a street past other people.
(d) Riding in a tram car with other passengers aboard.

2. What is one reason Mr. Verloc is unconcerned when he leaves his shop in the care of someone else?
(a) Mr. Verloc can be easily reached if necessary.
(b) The shop draws little business.
(c) Stevie is totally reliable.
(d) The shop is left with a friend who is a retired jeweler.

3. Although initially insisting he works independently, the professor eventually confesses that he recently had sold what?
(a) A bomb concealed in a briefcase.
(b) A bomb concealed in a backpack.
(c) A bomb concealed in a lunch basket.
(d) A bomb concealed in a varnish can.

4. What is Winnie's attitude toward Stevie?
(a) Winnie is very maternal.
(b) Winnie gives Stevie attention only when it is to her benefit.
(c) Winnie pretty much ignores Stevie.
(d) Winnie is spiteful in dealing with Stevie.

5. What goal does Mr. Vladimir hope to achieve?
(a) An event that will excite Paris's middle class.
(b) An event that will excite London's lower working class.
(c) An event that will excite London's privileged upper class.
(d) An event that will excite London's middle class.

6. Who is usually privileged to sit in the horsehair armchair in the parlor?
(a) Mrs. Verloc's mother.
(b) Mrs. Verloc's sibling.
(c) Mr. Verloc.
(d) Mrs. Verloc.

7. What route does Red Committee group member Michaelis say is the answer to the current social ills?
(a) Bombing of scientific institutions.
(b) Maintaining a stable economic status.
(c) Emotion and riotous action are essential and knowledge is unhelpful.
(d) Patience and action through the arts, sciences, and education.

8. Which member of the International Red Committee rambles at the beginning of their meeting?
(a) Yundt.
(b) Mr. Verloc.
(c) Michaelis.
(d) Ossipon.

9. Which member of the Red Committee expresses his opinion that Stevie is capable of becoming a criminal as he views her sibling as a degenerate?
(a) Ossipon.
(b) Mr. Verloc.
(c) Michaelis.
(d) Yundt.

10. What is Mr. Vladimir's position?
(a) Ambassador.
(b) Prime minister.
(c) First secretary.
(d) Privy councillor.

11. What is the professor's reply when Ossipon asks if he has heard about the morning bomb explosion in Greenwich Park?
(a) That he had not heard, but was not surprised.
(b) That he was not surprised when he learned of it earlier that day.
(c) That he had heard and was not surprised.
(d) That he was surprised when he learned of it earlier that day.

12. What is the professor's position on the social issues that spurs Mr. Verloc and his Red Committee friends?
(a) He agrees that bombing scientific institutions is essential.
(b) He also believes that action through the arts, education, and the sciences is key.
(c) He concurs that a static economic state is the most important aspect.
(d) He is not interested in those social concerns.

13. Heat's supervisor promptly takes which action upon hearing of Michaelis's name in connection with the Greenwich Park bomb investigation?
(a) Dismisses Heat abruptly and then falls into his desk chair thinking about this subject.
(b) Abruptly dismisses a vague memory of a whist game he participates in daily at his club.
(c) After dismissing Heat, he dwells on thoughts of the three other club members whom he routinely plays a whist game with.
(d) Turns his back to Heat and dismisses him from the office a few minutes later thinking about this subject.

14. What does Mr. Verloc do following the Red Committee meeting before going to bed?
(a) Takes his daily walk to the Hampton Lake and back.
(b) Takes a bath.
(c) Extinguishes the lights.
(d) Washes the dinner dishes.

15. What does Mr. Verloc stipulate will be required to carry out Vladimir's bomb plot?
(a) A modest sum of money.
(b) No further funds at all.
(c) A large sum of money.
(d) No further funds than the amount he receives monthly.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Michaelis convicted for murder?

2. What is it that the professor views as difficult?

3. What does Mr. Verloc plan to do if he stops receiving monthly paychecks from the embassy?

4. Which phrase best describes Winnie?

5. What does The Professor tell Ossipon he carries in his pocket should the police try to arrest him?

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