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1. How is Winnie Verloc's appearance described?

Winnie Verloc is the wife of Adolf Verloc. She is a young, attractive woman described as having a full bust, broad hips, and a rounded figure. She has well-kept, glossy, dark hair and wears a tight bodice. She is also said to be steady-eyed.

2. How is the appearance of Winnie Verloc's mother described?

Winnie Verloc's mother is not named in the novel, but is said to be stout, have a large, brown face, and swollen legs that limit her activity. She is wheezy and wears a white cap over her black wig.

3. What problems are faced by Winnie Verloc's lone, younger sibling?

Winnie Verloc's younger sibling is a mentally challenged, sensitive individual. Ms. Verloc watches over her younger sibling in a quasi-maternal fashion. As a youngster, it was to her the child would run to hide when encountering troubles. Although able to read and write, the child was still easily distracted upon entering its teen years. The youngster had difficulty maintaining employment. This was in large part because others would not work with the sibling. When she married Adolf Verloc, Winnie brought along her mother and young sibling to live with them as well. Her younger sibling then was able to work in Mr. Verloc's shop.

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