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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the assistant commissioner find outside the Verloc pornography shop on the evening of the Greenwich Park bombing?
(a) A police officer walking past on his beat.
(b) An individual closing the shop up.
(c) Bright streetlamps offering little place to hide.
(d) A stocky, middle-aged male just leaving

2. In Chapter 10, what is the initial destination the Assistant Commissioner goes to for the second time that evening?
(a) He goes first to the secretary of state to report his progress in the investigation.
(b) He goes first to his office to type his official report so Heat will be outshone when he arrives for work in the morning.
(c) He first searches out Mr. Vladimir promptly for the second time that evening now that he can establish his days as an anarchist are over.
(d) He goes first to the Italian restaurant for dessert and a glass of vermouth as a reward to himself in the case.

3. Which type of fish does the assistant commissioner eventually tell Private Secretary Toodles he is pursuing in connection with the Greenwich Park bombing case on the evening of that incident?
(a) A whale.
(b) A minnow.
(c) A dog-fish.
(d) A sardine.

4. What is the professor's master skill?
(a) Assisting at a college library.
(b) Constructing bombs.
(c) Painting pictures.
(d) Preparing corpses.

5. Although initially insisting he works independently, the professor eventually confesses that he recently had sold what?
(a) A bomb concealed in a briefcase.
(b) A bomb concealed in a lunch basket.
(c) A bomb concealed in a backpack.
(d) A bomb concealed in a varnish can.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once the Assistant Commissioner arrives at the reported center of the empire, there are several constables who do what upon seeing him departing the vehicle?

2. When he does arrive at the home of his wife's friend on the evening of the Greenwich Park blast, whom does the assistant commissioner find is a guest?

3. What does Private Secretary Toodles initially assume when the assistant sommissioner arrives unexpectedly soon at the office of the secretary of state?

4. When asked, what is it that the secretary of state is told that makes it unnecessary to incarcerate the person he is concerned about?

5. What is the professor's reply when Ossipon asks if he has heard about the morning bomb explosion in Greenwich Park?

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