The Secret Agent Character Descriptions

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Mr. Adolf Verloch

This character is a lazy individual, whose profession is selling pornographic material. This character is half-French, half-English.

Winnie Verloc

This character is the child of a disabled widow and older sibling to a mentally challenged individual.


This character exhibits such strong feelings about the injustices of the world, including a deep-seated anger regarding poverty and the attitudes of the wealthy, that another individual is able to encourage this character to assist in a plot.

The Professor

This character is a self-proclaimed anarchist who designs and builds bombs.

Mr. Vladimir

This character is an unpleasant individual who distrusts the English government. This character feels that another individual has not been a very good secret agent, and strongly recommends that spy quickly take action or risk having all funds cut off and the agent's identity revealed.

Assistant Commissioner

This character is new to an aristocratic position...

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