Objects & Places from Scribbler of Dreams

Mary E. Pearson
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This is the setting of the novel, where San Diego, the Malone Farm, and the Crutchfield land are all located. It is also the location of Twin Oaks High School and Bram's house.

Malone Farm

This is a vista of natural and farmed land amid a Californian urban oasis. It was originally half of the Crutchfield family land, but when Maggie and Amanda Crutchfield had a falling out, the land was divided in half.

Twin Oaks High School

This is built on Crutchfield land through Crutchfield family funds, and is attended by Bram Crutchfield, Kaitlin Malone, and Abby Malone.

San Diego

This is a city in California and is where Garner Malone is imprisoned.

Bram's House

This rests on Crutchfield family land in a gated, upscale community in the wealthier part of town. It is carefully decorated and manicured and is tended to by Allison Crutchfield and...

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