Scoundrel Time Character Descriptions

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Lillian Hellman

This person was a renowned playwright and screenwriter forced to testify to the House Committee because of suspected involvement in the Communist party.

Dashiell Hammett

This person was a writer who spent several years in jail for involvement in Communism, while in jail, the IRS seized all the person's money.

Senator Joseph McCarthy

This person brought charges resulting from the investigation of alleged un-American activities by private citizens.

Robert Taylor

This person was a Hollywood actor who testified before the House Committee and out of fear, offered names of other Hollywood people who might be Communists.

Richard Nixon

This person was a young representative on the House Committee who saw participation in the Committee as an opportunity to gain national attention.

President Harry S. Truman

This person introduced a loyalty program which created more in-depth investigations of all Federal employees.

Joseph Rauh

This person was a...

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