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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Priscilla's dog?
(a) Devin.
(b) Katerina.
(c) Rosie.
(d) Annabel.

2. What food does Kätchen's husband eat in William's room?
(a) A Christmas dinner.
(b) Canned yams.
(c) Assorted Ismaelian fruit.
(d) Half a spiral ham.

3. When the journalists leave Jacksonburg to chase Hitchcock's story, where does William go?
(a) He stays in Jacksonburg.
(b) He returns to England.
(c) He goes to Agobe.
(d) He goes to Laku.

4. To where does William move after two photographers join his and Corker's room at the Hotel Liberty?
(a) The hotel's annex.
(b) The Hotel European.
(c) The British Consulate.
(d) Frau Dressler's pension.

5. For how much does William buy the stones offered him by Kätchen?
(a) 10 pounds.
(b) 100 pounds.
(c) 60 pounds.
(d) 20 pounds.

6. Who writes the final report from Ishmaelia to <i>The Daily Beast</i>?
(a) Hitchcock.
(b) Mr. Baldwin.
(c) William.
(d) Corker.

7. What alliterative word is used to first describe the four Frenchmen in the Hotel Liberty?
(a) Frantic.
(b) Furious.
(c) Flippant.
(d) Fastidious.

8. What is unique about the stones William bought from Kätchen?
(a) They have gold ore.
(b) Absolutely nothing.
(c) They are solid opal.
(d) They have silver ore.

9. Who is the reported leader of the Fascists in Ishmaelia?
(a) Gollancz Jackson.
(b) Rathbone Jackson.
(c) Smiles Soum.
(d) Dr. Benito.

10. Where do the Boots ship Priscilla in order to accommodate Mr. Salter's visit?
(a) London.
(b) The Hickenfelds.
(c) South Hampton.
(d) The Caldicotes.

11. What does the Boot family prevent Mr. Salter from drinking?
(a) Beer.
(b) Cider.
(c) Wine.
(d) Water.

12. What is Jack Bannister's long-time nickname?
(a) Flagpole.
(b) Moke.
(c) Poke.
(d) Banny.

13. How much per week does William agree to pay Kätchen for news?
(a) 100 American dollars.
(b) 10 American dollars.
(c) 100 pounds.
(d) 200 pounds.

14. What is the name of Jakes' jackal?
(a) Achumba.
(b) DuPree.
(c) Paleologue.
(d) Pigge.

15. Which animal attacks the former welterweight champion who had come to visit William at Frau Dressler's?
(a) The milch-goat.
(b) The enormous pig.
(c) The gander.
(d) The three-legged dog.

Short Answer Questions

1. The man employed by the Ishmaelite government waiting for William at Frau Dressler's is former welterweight champion of what university?

2. At whose villa does Dr. Benito attempt to persuade William to stay?

3. At what time does Mr. Salter arrive at Boot Magna Hall?

4. Where is William Boot, on his return to England, first met by a <i>Daily Beast</i> representative?

5. What does Lord Copper attempt to draw at the beginning of Book 3?

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