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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For how long has Kätchen's husband been away when William meets her?
(a) Six weeks.
(b) Three days.
(c) Six months.
(d) Three years.

2. Which Boot receives notification of Lord Copper's reward?
(a) William Boot.
(b) Theodore Boot.
(c) Roderick Boot.
(d) John Boot.

3. Who writes the final report from Ishmaelia to <i>The Daily Beast</i>?
(a) Mr. Baldwin.
(b) William.
(c) Corker.
(d) Hitchcock.

4. At whose villa does Dr. Benito attempt to persuade William to stay?
(a) The president's.
(b) The postmaster-general's.
(c) Dr. Benito's.
(d) The British ambassador's.

5. From what town does Hitchcock reportedly score a scoop on the Fascists in Ishmaelia?
(a) Laku.
(b) Kalimina.
(c) Taku.
(d) Agobe.

6. The man employed by the Ishmaelite government waiting for William at Frau Dressler's is former welterweight champion of what university?
(a) The Adventist University of Alabama.
(b) Oxford University.
(c) St. John's University.
(d) King's College London.

7. On William and Corker's train to Ishmaelia, who selfishly occupies one of the four first-class compartments?
(a) William and Corker.
(b) A Swiss ticket collector.
(c) Corker.
(d) An English diplomat.

8. What is Jack Bannister's long-time nickname?
(a) Poke.
(b) Flagpole.
(c) Moke.
(d) Banny.

9. From where does Paleologue provide servant boys to the journalists at the Hotel Liberty?
(a) The Catholic Mission.
(b) The Adventist Mission.
(c) The Department of Internal Affairs.
(d) The hotel annex.

10. Where does Smiles, the Fascist leader, escape after stealing German money?
(a) Germany.
(b) The Congo.
(c) The Sudan.
(d) England.

11. Onto what structure does Mr. Baldwin parachute?
(a) Frau Dressler's roof.
(b) Mr. Popotakis's Ping-Pong Parlour.
(c) The postmaster general's villa.
(d) The Hotel Liberty.

12. What family holds a dynasty over the Ishmaelian government?
(a) The Jackson family.
(b) The Benito family.
(c) The Soum family.
(d) The Boot family.

13. Why must the young man rather than Bert Tyler drive?
(a) Bert Tyler lost his legs.
(b) Bert Tyler is a narcoleptic.
(c) The young man needs the experience.
(d) Bert Tyler cannot see well.

14. Which of the journalists staying at the Hotel Liberty is suspected of receiving secret information from the government?
(a) Corker.
(b) Hitchcock.
(c) Pigge.
(d) Shumble.

15. What regular Ishmaelite practice has kept the country from being colonized?
(a) Cannibalism.
(b) Ritual suicide.
(c) Witchcraft.
(d) Polygamy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What beverage does Mr. Salter's wife prepare for him after Boot's second big story comes in?

2. Between whom does Mr. Salter sit at dinner with the Boot family?

3. How does Lord Copper intend to honor William Boot on his return to England?

4. In what is the sign bearing the name "Boot" held at the Dover train station?

5. From what country does the supposed spy uncovered by Shumble reportedly come?

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