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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which relative greets William on his return to Boot Magna Hall?
(a) Uncle Roderick.
(b) Uncle Theodore.
(c) Priscilla.
(d) Uncle Bernard.

2. How long does the Soviet Union of Ishmaelia last?
(a) One day.
(b) Three days.
(c) Sixteen years.
(d) Twenty weeks.

3. In what is the sign bearing the name "Boot" held at the Dover train station?
(a) A young boy's hands.
(b) A cleft stick.
(c) A store window.
(d) Clothespins.

4. What is the name of the proprietress of the Hotel Liberty?
(a) Mrs. Earl Russell Jackson.
(b) Mrs. Benita Juarez Jackson.
(c) Mrs. Emma Dressler.
(d) Mrs. Marguerite Jack Jackson.

5. How much per week does William agree to pay Kätchen for news?
(a) 200 pounds.
(b) 100 pounds.
(c) 100 American dollars.
(d) 10 American dollars.

6. What alliterative word is used to first describe the four Frenchmen in the Hotel Liberty?
(a) Frantic.
(b) Flippant.
(c) Furious.
(d) Fastidious.

7. To whom is it commonly mistaken, by his family, that William has a romantic attachment?
(a) Kätchen.
(b) Sarah Penning.
(c) Miss Caldicote.
(d) Frau Dressler.

8. How far outside of Jacksonburg are Pigge and Corker stuck?
(a) Eighty miles.
(b) Eight kilometers.
(c) Thirteen miles.
(d) Twelve miles.

9. What does Mr. Pappenhack regularly use as a sedative when his mind is restless?
(a) Whiskey.
(b) The evening newspaper.
(c) <i>Le Fleurs du Mal</i>.
(d) A toy train.

10. What does the Boot family give up for the sake of the war effort in 1914?
(a) The motorcar.
(b) Tea.
(c) Eating meat.
(d) The telephone.

11. Who chairs the Foreign Press Association in Sir Jocelyn Hitchcock's absence?
(a) Wenlock Jakes.
(b) Mr. Pappenhacker.
(c) Corker.
(d) Pigge.

12. For how long has Kätchen's husband been away when William meets her?
(a) Six weeks.
(b) Three days.
(c) Six months.
(d) Three years.

13. What objects fill the heavy bag belonging to the girl who previously occupied William's room in the Pension Dressler?
(a) Gold bars.
(b) Stones.
(c) Steel rods.
(d) Hard-cover books.

14. What is Jack Bannister's long-time nickname?
(a) Banny.
(b) Flagpole.
(c) Poke.
(d) Moke.

15. How does Mr. Salter decide to travel from the train station to Boot Magna Hall?
(a) In the slag truck.
(b) By bicycle.
(c) On foot.
(d) By horse and buggy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Smiles, the Fascist leader, escape after stealing German money?

2. What family holds a dynasty over the Ishmaelian government?

3. How long has Kätchen been with her husband?

4. What does the Boot family prevent Mr. Salter from drinking?

5. Why must the young man rather than Bert Tyler drive?

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