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Fake Paper

Come up with your own newspaper, including its title, its main method of presentation (is it a tabloid, a serious intellectual journal, or something in between?), and a few stories that it would cover in its first issue.

Stitch Story

Devise a fake story in which Mrs. Stitch, by her bizarre but charming antics, catches the public attention, like the incident with her car and the stairwell.

Made-up War

Imagine your own made-up country experiencing a civil war of political ideologies. Decide where in the world the country is and who the warring factions are, being careful to make it absurd.

Kipling's Burden

Read Rudyard Kipling's poem "The White Man's Burden" and discuss the idea that it is, or was, the responsibility of Europe and America to develop the rest of the world.

Old and New Yellow Journalism

Bring in both an old and a new...

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