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Essay Topic 1

In a carefully developed analytical essay, define satire, explain how a work of fiction may be satirical, and then demonstrate how Evelyn Waugh's Scoop is a satirical novel. Which characters and actions are satirical in nature? What is satirized and how? How are the elements of satire (irony, sarcasm, exaggeration, contrast) employed by Waugh?

Essay Topic 2

An element of satire that is particularly prevalent in Evelyn Waugh's Scoop is irony. Compose an essay which demonstrates the prevalent usage of irony in the novel by discussing these points:

1) What is irony?

2) How can irony be comic?

3) What are examples of comic irony in Scoop?

Essay Topic 3

As the protagonist of the story, William is the principle character around whom all of the novel's action revolves. Through action, the character of William is revealed. Analyze this revelation, explicating both the ways in...

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